Children's Helpline

Children’s Helpline – Save the Children

The government’s establishment of a children’s helpline aims to create a secure and supportive space where children and their guardians can seek assistance, support, and protection. In India, children’s helpline – 1098 is a toll-free, round-the-clock emergency response system that ensures urgent aid to distressed children. It is a vital lifeline that provides a listening ear to children who do not have anywhere else to go in the times of crisis. 

They offer a confidential platform where children can voice their concerns, share their experiences, and seek help on various issues, including neglect, exploitation, mental health, and more. These helplines are staffed by trained professionals who possess the expertise and empathy needed to address the unique challenges faced by children.

Numerous non-profit organisations, including Bal Raksha Bharat (globally known as Save the Children), are actively addressing children’s protection and fostering resilience. These organisations strive to offer aid and create a secure environment where children can thrive and develop the strength to navigate challenging circumstances.

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