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AED Defibrillators for Schools: Ensuring Safety and Preparedness

In today’s fast-paced world, ensuring the safety and well-being of students is of utmost importance. Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) can occur at any time, and having the right equipment in place can make a life-saving difference. AED defibrillators have become an essential device for schools, providing quick and effective response in critical situations. In this article, we will explore the importance of AED defibrillators for schools, with a focus on the AED for School product offered by CalMed Equipment.

Understanding AED Defibrillators:

AED stands for Automated External Defibrillator. It is a portable device that delivers an electric shock to the heart in case of sudden cardiac arrest. These devices are designed to be user-friendly, enabling even non-medical personnel to administer life-saving treatment. AED defibrillators analyze the heart’s rhythm and provide prompts for delivering the shock, if necessary.

The Need for AED Defibrillators in Schools:

Sudden cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, including students, teachers, and staff members. Schools are high-traffic areas where people spend a significant amount of time, making it crucial to have AED defibrillators readily available. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), the chances of survival decrease significantly after 12 minutes of SCA. By having AEDs on-site, schools can bridge the gap between collapse and defibrillation, increasing the chances of survival.

AED for School by CalMed Equipment:

CalMed Equipment offers an excellent solution for schools with their School AED package. This package includes a comprehensive set of equipment and accessories to ensure preparedness and ease of use. The AED for School package features the following components:

First Response Kit: This kit contains essential items needed during a cardiac arrest event, such as gloves, a pocket CPR mask, scissors, a razor, and towelettes.

CPR Uni-Padz III: The CPR Uni-Padz by Zoll have a long shelf life and can be used on both adult and pediatric patients, eliminating the need for separate pads.

Zoll Lithium Battery: The AED 3 disposable lithium battery by Zoll has a long installed life, ensuring the device is always ready for use.

Alarmed Cabinet: The package includes a large defibrillator wall cabinet with an alarm feature, providing secure storage and easy access to the AED.

3D Sign: This transforming wall sign can be configured in various ways, increasing visibility and awareness of the AED’s location.

AED “Equipped Facility” Decal Sticker: This sticker serves as a visible indicator of an AED’s presence, helping individuals locate it quickly during emergencies.

CalMed Inspection Tag: A monthly inspection tag is included to ensure regular maintenance and monitoring of the AED’s battery and pads.

Benefits of Refurbished AED Defibrillators:

In addition to new AED devices, CalMed Equipment also offers refurbished AED defibrillators. Refurbished devices undergo a rigorous testing and certification process to ensure their reliability and functionality. Refurbished AEDs provide a cost-effective solution for schools with budget constraints, allowing them to equip their facilities with high-quality equipment at a lower price point.

School AED Defibrillator Program:

Implementing an AED defibrillator program in schools goes beyond just acquiring the devices. It is crucial to have a comprehensive management program in place. CalMed Equipment offers the PlucTrac AED Management Program, which provides ongoing support, maintenance, and tracking of AEDs. This program helps schools ensure that their AEDs are always in optimal condition and ready for use.


The safety and well-being of students should be a top priority for schools. AED defibrillators play a vital role in providing immediate and effective response in cases of sudden cardiac arrest. CalMed Equipment’s AED for School package offers a comprehensive solution with all the necessary components for school preparedness. Additionally, their refurbished AED defibrillators provide a cost-effective option for schools with limited budgets. By implementing an AED defibrillator program and partnering with a trusted supplier like CalMed Equipment, schools can create a safer environment and increase the chances of survival in critical situations.

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