9 Hogwarts Legacy Spells We Want In A Sequel

Even though Hogwarts Legacy does a great job of including a wide range of powers, fans would love to see even more.

The spells in Hogwarts Legacy range from dark wizard curses to spells that make light, like the Lumos. Most of the spells are used for battle or to find clues or collectibles with the over-pressed Revelio. In many ways, the magic in Hogwarts Legacy are like those in the Harry Potter films. But the series has a huge number of spells, many of which are not used in the game.

Some Harry Potter spells could give a possible Hogwarts Legacy movie some exciting new parts. These could include different types of magical elemental powers, new ways to move around the huge open world map, and new ways to fight different types of enemies, whether players choose a good path or a Hogwarts Legacy dark wizard build. There are so many spells to choose from on a sequel spell wishlist, but some are likely to work better than others with the spell loadout system and game features that are already there.

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