10 Broken Kitty Pryde Combos In Marvel Snap

Kitty Pryde is back as one of the most powerful cards in Marvel Snap thanks to her comeback and potent mix of flexible combos.

Kitty Pryde has taken over the Marvel Snap world, and at first she was so powerful that she had to be taken out of play after only two days. She came back in the May 2023 update, just in time for the Guardians of the Galaxy season. Even with the small changes, Kitty is still a force to be reckoned with!

Those who don’t know Shadowcat from the X-Men should definitely take her for a spin! Every time Kitty Pryde comes back to a player’s hand, she gets +2 Power. This makes her an easy 1 Cost, 10 Power card in most situations. Combo moves make her much stronger, which puts Kitty Pryde back in the “broken” group of Marvel Snap.

The Collector

The Collector is a key part of any good Bounce Deck, and it gets +1 Power every time Kitty Pryde comes back to the player’s hand thanks to how she works. If both cards are in your starting hand, Kitty must stay off the board in round two, or the two cards can be played together in the third round.

Most Collector cases also use cards like Agent 13, Cable, Sentinal, etc., which often leaves a lot of cards in hand. It’s important to keep an eye on these numbers, because if they hit seven, Kitty Pryde can’t come back to the player’s hand and the player misses the chance to get a power-up for that round.

Angela and Bishop

Booster cards that are well-placed and don’t cost much can often change the game, since players can get power-ups after each round. Angela has a restricted amount of power, since she can’t use her +2 Power ability until the location is full. In general, this leaves her with 6 Power. Angela, on the other hand, can get a boost every time Kitty Pryde comes to visit.

Bishop leads to the same end, but Kitty has more freedom to choose where to go. If someone manages to play all three cards, that gives them +5 power each round (on top of any other cards that are in play).

Wolfsbane, Rescue, and Hawkeye

Wolfsbane is a pretty useful card to have around. It only costs 3 Energy and could add 7 Power to your deck. But for her full power, she has to be the last card played, which could be bad in the long run. If you play Kitty Pryde right before Wolfsbane, you can get the +7 Power and free up another card space for later use.

Rescue and Hawkeye are both about the same idea. Most of the time, the master marksman is played early in the game, when the location is only half full (and usually with weaker cards). Hawkeye has a fair chance to stay important until the end of the game because of Kitty Pryde. Rescue, on the other hand, comes in later and costs 4 Energy. If only high-Power cards are left in your hand, this could force you to put all your eggs in one box. Kitty can use the +5 Power ability of Rescue, but she can still play more powerful cards elsewhere.

Forge, Shuri, Bast, or Hulk Buster

Bast is great if you can get him early in the game. He gives Kitty a nice 3-point boost to start her game with.Forge can be useful after the third round, since there is no point in losing out on a Kitty power boost in the second round.Shuri is most useful near the end of the game when Kitty is at her best, so you might want to keep a useful 1-cost card like Ant-Man, Rocket Racoon, or a Demon in your hand for a strong finish.

If someone plays their cards right, Kitty could find a friend to travel with her. Make sure to play her at an empty spot, and Hulk Buster will be happy to add his +4 Power to the mix. With this combination, Kitty Pryde could end the game with +12 Power (or even more if she gets more power-ups).

Beast or Sera

Even though Kitty Pryde only costs 1 Energy, playing her every round can mess up a well-planned strategy and make it impossible to use a powerful 6 Cost card in the last round. Some cost-reduction cards, like The Raft location, can save the day by adding a “free” force to the team.

By the middle of the game, Beast turns Kitty into a Queen that can kill for 0 Cost, giving you the chance to play some higher-cost cards.Sera is a bit unpredictable because she is usually only useful near the end of 8 Ball Pool game. However, she is the best way to get a 6 Cost card on the board along with Kitty Dearest.

Moon Girl

This Moon Girl combo depends a lot on the setting, but those who are brave enough to try it can have a lot of fun. Kitty Pryde would have to stay out of play that round, but having two Kitties to work with is a great prize.

If you have more than seven cards, this plan could go wrong. This means that Kitty Pryde must be one of the first three cards in a small hand (maximum of four cards), and there must be two open spots for Kitty to return to after play.

Taskmaster or Arnim Zola

Adding Kitty Pryde to a deck teaches players to value their 5 Cost cards more, and while there are many powerful choices, Taskmaster is the one that best fits Kitty. Playing Kitty before Task Master is like getting a two-for-one deal, whether she has 10 Power or more.

Arnim Zola might be able to get the same result, but this way is trickier and less likely to work. This combo can’t work unless somewhere along the way, The Titan/Raft Locations or card skills save money on cards. But when all is said and done, players who are able to do this are often happy at their Victory screen.

Counter to Nebula

Nebula can be a hard card to deal with because it affects every choice that is made every round. Also, players usually only have about four chances to stop her ability, because once the location is full, Nebula is sure to get power-ups.

Not only can Kitty Pryde cancel out the assassin’s special ability, but she could do it every round. This would leave Nebula as a 1 Power card that doesn’t do much. Because Kitty is cheap, not all of the Energy used to fight Nebula has to go to her, so other places can also get some attention.

Cloning Locations: Bar Sinister, Cloning Vats, or Sinister London

Bar Sinister is a tempting zone with a lot of promise and a lot of overpowered location-card combinations to use, like Kitty Pryde. Again, to get the most out of Kitty, you must pay close attention to the hand limit and play the most powerful Kitty at Bar Sinister each round. This plan is easier to pull off with a destructive deck that makes room for more Kitties, but having a tonne of powerful 1 Cost cards is still a lot of fun.

The Cloning Vats can also be Kitty’s favourite place to hide, and they are much easier to use since the player doesn’t have to make up for four extra cards each round.Sinister London is also good for making the Kitty force bigger, as long as you have enough room in your hand for all of the copies.

Power-Up Locations: Shuri’s Lab, Muir Island, or Quantum Realm

Kitty can only benefit from the Quantum Realm in the first round, but every power boost counts. At the end of the game, having a 12 Power, 1 Cost card could be the deciding factor, like Death, but without all the damage.

The Muir Island combo is pretty easy to understand, and it works great since Kitty comes back to your hand at the start of each round, so she’ll be there for that +1 Power. On the other hand, don’t waste time sending Kitty to Shuri’s Lab in round 1, but from then on, always leave a spot open in this area for Ms. Pryde. If everything goes smoothly, Kitty could end the game with 124 Power in her pocket. Boom!

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