Windows Security vs McAfee: Which One is Right for You?

 Windows security and McAfee antiviruses are great tools that prevent systems from attacks. The Internet has become a crucial part of our daily work and thus is the system protection program. Today, systems and data are prone to viruses and cyber-attacks. And thus, antivirus programs come into the role. It protects them from unwanted attacks. But the confusion arises when it comes to which one to choose.

Luckily, this Windows security vs McAfee guide has tried to sort it out for you. Here, we will discuss both of these on several factors. Thus, you can go through it and decide which is best for your needs.

McAfee vs Windows Security: An Overview

The basic comparison starts from the introduction. Find below the overview of these two popular tools to compare.

It is a pre-installed antivirus software in Windows. Firstly, it was launched on Oct 24, 2006, for the operating system – Windows XP. But then it came as an antivirus program. Now, it is on Windows 8 and other later versions.

It is popular among all Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS users. After all, this antivirus software protects their systems from malware and other unwanted threats. Moreover, the company McAfee has created a global threat intelligence network.

Windows Security vs McAfee: Features

Features are one of the greatest aspects that help users pick the best software. You can get into them below and choose the one that meets your needs.

Here, users get several scan types, from full scan to custom and offline. Furthermore, one of the most important features is the firewall. A firewall monitors all the network connections and then prevents hackers from accessing the network. Also, there are parental controls and smartscreen filters.

This antivirus suite offers a Total Protection package with single, personal/couple, family, and Ultimate editions. Besides, it protects the system from viruses; it has network protection, an advanced firewall, and a file shredder.

McAfee vs Windows Security: User Interface

A user interface determines how users interact with the program. The user interface is the first factor to consider when comparing these two popular tools. Additionally, below, we have done a Windows security vs McAfee comparison based on interface.

The interface of this tool is simple and elegant. You will find it in white, light grey and blue color. Here, you can easily manage both security and privacy. The main windows of the program include modules and various modules to choose from. Related functions and their settings exist in each of the modules.

The new interface of McAfee is not only concise but clear, too. There are five modules in the horizontal menu. These are accounts, PC security, and home. Indeed, and privacy. In short, it has a user-friendly interface.

Windows Security vs McAfee: System Performance

System performance plays an important role in selecting the software. You don’t want to purchase a program that slows down your computer. A good antivirus doesn’t influence system performance.

The Windows security antivirus performed well in the lab tests. While it provides complete protection to the computer, it doesn’t have any influence on the system preferences. So, it is an excellent option in terms of system performance.

McAfee is a good antivirus program, but what about its system performance? Their performance score of McAee is always high. It went through tests for several factors, such as popular website visits. Installation of software applications didn’t affect the system performance.

McAfee vs Windows Security: Price

The last thing to compare these two is the price. Price is the major concern when you plan to select the program.

This useful program comes as a built-in tool in Windows. It is a free program; thus, you will not need to pay for an upgrade. So, if you want to protect your system free, it is a good option.

It comes to users with a set of different product options. There is a limited freemium option available. McAfee has Family and Individual editions for limited and unlimited devices. Its Family Edition includes Plus, Premium, and Ultimate plans. Whereas the Individual Edition has Basic, Plus, and Ultimate plans.


An antivirus tool protects the system from unwanted viruses and attacks. You can learn about Windows security vs mcAfee and select the one for your system. You will find many differences between these two. Don’t forget to consider all the factors before making your final decision. It will help you get complete system protection without any hassles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is Better, McAfee or Windows Security?

These two are popular for protecting against viruses and online attacks. Both of these are great at detecting viruses. However, they include several different features to enhance online safety. The former includes many features that come as paid upgrades, but you will not have to pay for the latter. It is a built-in tool in Windows that includes free upgrades.

What are McAfee’s Total Protection Features?

Do you need complete system protection? Here are some of the features that come under McAfee Total Protection. Also, these internet security features help system users in protecting their systems.

  • There exists a File Shredder.
  • Protection from identity theft.
  • Password Manager
  • Compatibility with various devices.
  • Home Network Securtiy
  • Performance Optimization
  • Online support and more.

What Factors Do I Need to Consider While Selecting McAfee or Windows Security?

When you plan to select one of these two, you must consider many factors. Here are some key aspects you can look into these two antivirus tools. It will help in deciding which one will better serve your needs.

  • Features
  • User Interface
  • Compatibility with multiple devices
  • Price
  • System Performance
  • Malware Protection

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