Why you should try on work boots before buying

Most tradies know to take boots for a spin in-store first, but there’s only one way to really “try on” work boots.

That’s by wearing them on the job. 

We stand behind our claims that Steel Blue designs and manufactures the most comfortable work boots on the market. So, when you buy steel cap boots from a Steel Blue retailer (or composite toe cap, or non-safety boots), you have 30 days to make sure they’re the right fit.

Tips for trying on work boots

Properly fitted work boots are proven to be comfortable, safer and more productive. But what does a good fit feel like? We consulted with our partners at the Australian Physiotherapy Association to get professional advice from experienced physios.


With dozens of Steel Blue stockists in your area and hundreds around the country, the first step is to find a store with a good range of men’s and women’s work boots. Take your time trying on the boots and get expert advice from shop staff who know Steel Blue boots.

  • Wear the same socks you’ll wear on the job
  • Try on boots in the afternoon because your feet swell a little during the day
  • Toes should have a little bit of wiggle room, but your heel shouldn’t rub 
  • Test different fastening styles, including lace-up and zip-sided work boots
  • Make sure the fastening feels snug but not tight
  • Test the flexibility at the ball of your foot
  • Walk around, bend, step and crouch 
  • Ask to try on half-sizes if you’re not 100% sure

The first week

Our commitment to making the most comfortable work boots doesn’t end when you walk out the door. Steel Blue boots have little to no breaking-in period, so you shouldn’t experience discomfort when you first wear them to work. 

  • Follow the tips in our lacing guide to find a supportive fit 
  • Feel for stiffness or pinch points that could indicate the wrong sizing
  • Walk around on different surfaces, such as concrete, gravel, and dirt
  • Try to perform a variety of tasks to feel the difference our lightweight boots make
  • Check in with your ankles, knees and lower back
  • Wear good-quality socks (we recommend bamboo socks when you buy steel cap boots)

The first month

Once you’re accustomed to your new boots, the next step is easy. Caring for your work boots means you’ll enjoy the feeling of the most comfortable work boots for longer.

  • Keep them dry or follow our guide to working in wet environments
  • Use a damp cloth to gently clean any grime or mud
  • Steer clear of soap, detergent or chemicals, as these can damage the leather
  • Give your boots a break by rotating between multiple pairs 
  • Apply a coat of Dubbin to help repel water, oil and chemicals and protect the leather
  • Revive dull work boots with a touch of Renovating Polish

Our 30-day 100% comfort guarantee means you can return or exchange your boots if they’re not the most comfortable work boots you’ve worn. Hold onto your receipt and visit the original point of purchase.


Do Steel Blue boots come with a warranty?

Yes, all our men’s and women’s work boots carry a 6-month manufacturer’s warranty. Of course, tradies work in tough environments, check our FAQ for support with our manufacturer’s warranty.

Where to buy the most comfortable steel cap boots 

An experienced work boot expert can help you find the right fit from the extensive Steel Blue range. 

Thankfully, Steel Blue stockists are easy to find. Use our interactive map to zoom in on your area and find contact details for local stores.

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