What is basic Role of Process Server in Pakistan

In the legal landscape of Pakistan, the role of process servers is crucial in ensuring the smooth and fair administration of justice. Process server in Pakistan play a vital role in delivering legal documents and notifications to individuals involved in legal proceedings. This article explores the significance of process servers in Pakistan, their responsibilities, and the impact they have on the legal system.

The Role of Process Servers:

Process servers act as intermediaries in legal matters, serving as the bearers of important legal documents. Their primary responsibility is to deliver various legal notifications, court orders, subpoenas, and other relevant documents to individuals involved in legal cases. This ensures that all parties are informed of legal proceedings and have the opportunity to respond appropriately.

Key Responsibilities of Process Servers in Pakistan:

Document Delivery:

Process servers are tasked with delivering legal documents to individuals involved in a case. These documents can include court summons, subpoenas, legal notices, and other essential papers related to legal proceedings.

Service of Process:

The “service of process” refers to the official delivery of legal documents to the parties involved. Process servers must ensure that documents are delivered accurately, promptly, and in accordance with legal requirements.

Affidavit of Service:

After delivering the documents, process servers are often required to provide an affidavit of service—a sworn statement confirming the delivery of the documents. This document is crucial in validating that proper notification has been given.

Location and Surveillance:

In some cases, locating the individuals to be served can be challenging. Process servers may need to conduct investigations and surveillance to determine the whereabouts of the parties involved.

Record Keeping:

Process servers maintain detailed records of their activities, including the date, time, and method of service. Accurate record-keeping is essential for legal purposes and can be used as evidence in court.

Importance in Legal Proceedings:

The role of process servers is integral to the legal process in Pakistan for several reasons:

Due Process:

Process serving ensures that individuals are notified of legal actions against them, providing an opportunity to respond. This adherence to due process is fundamental in upholding the principles of justice.

Legal Validity:

Proper service of process is a legal requirement for the validity of court proceedings. If the service is not done correctly, it can jeopardize the legal standing of a case.

Fairness and Transparency:

Process servers contribute to the fairness and transparency of legal proceedings by ensuring that all parties involved are aware of the legal actions against them.

Enforcement of Court Orders:

Process servers may also be involved in enforcing court orders, such as delivering orders for the eviction of tenants or the seizure of property.


In the complex legal environment of Pakistan, process servers play a pivotal role in upholding the principles of justice. Their responsibilities in delivering legal documents, ensuring due process, and maintaining the integrity of legal proceedings are essential for a fair and transparent legal system. Process servers contribute to the effective functioning of the legal machinery, ensuring that individuals are informed of their legal rights and responsibilities.

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