New Holland 3630 Tx Plus

Uncover New Holland 3630 Tx Plus Tractor Price in India

The New Holland 3630 TX Plus, a popular tractor manufactured in India, stands out for its advanced technology, competitive pricing, and impressive features. With a robust engine boasting 55 HP, it offers excellent performance, durability, and adaptability to various soil types. This tractor’s unique transmission system enables it to handle a wide range of farming tasks effortlessly. It has a substantial lifting capacity ranging from 1700 kg to 2000 kg. The New Holland 3630 TX Plus is equipped with additional features such as rotary FIP, paddy sealing, sky watch, 2 remote valves, two hook brackets, a fiber fuel tank, and dual spin-on filters, enhancing its field efficiency. New Holland 3630 Price is between Rs. 7.15* to Rs. 7.60 lahks* in India, it presents a cost-effective solution for farmers seeking enhanced productivity. The New Holland 3630 TX Plus is a prudent choice, combining advanced features with efficient performance at a competitive price in the Indian market.

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