Tonnesen Motors Announces Affordable and Flexible Auto Spares & Tyre Fitment Services in Cape Town

Tonnesen Motors, a leading provider of auto spares and tyre fitment services in Cape Town, is excited to announce a creative collection of products and facilities aimed at supporting the diverse needs of vehicle owners across various sectors. Tonnesen Motors offers a diverse range of high-quality tyres, auto spares, hardware, and fitment services to meet the needs and budgets of its customers.

Tonnesen Motors, established in 1969, has been committed to providing excellence in service by offering the highest levels of availability in vehicle parts and related products at the best possible price. Tonnesen Motors is one of Cape Town’s leading auto spares and tyre installation specialists, with strategic locations throughout the city. And now, your favourite online tyre supplier has an easy-to-use website that allows customers to shop for tyres from the comfort of your home or office.

Tonnesen Motors recognises the difficulties and opportunities that vehicle owners face in today’s competitive and evolving market. Our mission is to provide a supportive and collaborative environment for our clients that promotes innovation, growth, and success, allowing you to achieve optimal performance and safety for your vehicles.

Tonnesen Motors is synonymous with high-quality auto spares and tyre fitment services that prioritise customer satisfaction. The company’s knowledgeable and friendly staff provides personalised attention, guiding each customer towards a personalised auto solution.

Tonnesen Motors’ extensive product and service offerings cover a wide range of auto areas, guaranteeing customers have access to the accessories and repairs they require, tailored to their specific requirements. Tonnesen Motors offers dependable and affordable solutions for everything from well-known tyre brands and auto spares to exhaust systems, batteries, brakes, shocks, suspension, and tow bars.

Tonnesen Motors is honoured to be a dependable partner in our customers’ automobile journeys. We understand that your vehicle reflects your personality, lifestyle, or business. That is why we offer a variety of innovative facilities and products that allow us to provide the best value and quality for your auto needs.

Tonnesen Motors cordially invites vehicle owners and entrepreneurs looking for affordable and flexible auto spares and tyre fitment services to investigate our options and facilities. To learn more about our products, locations, and pricing, visit our website at


Tonnesen Motors is a renowned auto spares and tyre fitting service provider in Cape Town. Tonnesen Motors has a long history of assisting vehicle owners and business owners by offering a wide range of products and services, including tyres, auto spares, hardware, exhausts, batteries, brakes, shocks, suspension, and towbars. Our team is dedicated to being a dependable and cost-effective one-stop shop for all automotive needs.

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