Tollwood Winter Festival 2023 – A Unique Tent Festival of Germany

Tollwood Winter Festival 2023 – A Unique Tent Festival of Germany

Welcome to the Winter Tollwood Festival at Theresienwiese, Munich, happening  in Germany from November 23 to December 31! 

This enchanting tent festival is not just a Christmas market. It’s a vibrant blend of circus arts, unique handicrafts, and inspiring climate protection initiatives.

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Top Attractions of Winter Tollwood Festival 2023

1. Winter Wonderland Awaits at Theresienwiese

From November 23 to December 31, 2023, Winter Tollwood transforms Theresienwiese into a festive playground. Experience a fusion of artistry, concerts, and culinary wonders. As night falls, let the luminous tents and sculptures in the ‘magic forest’ guide you into a realm of enchantment.

2. Artistic Revelations and Ecological Commitment

This year’s Winter Festival, themed “Art washes the dust of everyday life from the soul,” melds art with ecological awareness. 

Delve into the “Tatort Zukunft” to explore the United Nations’ 17 goals for sustainable development. Wander the “Market of Ideas” and the “Food Plaza,” showcasing global organic delicacies and crafts, with free admission.

3. A Spectacle of Performances and Culinary Delights

Be mesmerized by “Machine de Cirque,” a Canadian troupe presenting two shows in the Grand Chapiteau tent. Savour a gourmet organic meal by Holger Stromberg. Enjoy free fire shows, stage performances, walk acts, and concerts at the Hexenkessel, adding a dash of whimsy and wonder.

4. Limbo Unhinged: A Dazzling Fusion of Arts

Limbo Unhinged redefines entertainment boundaries. This show is a thrilling blend of circus, dance, cabaret, and burlesque. Enhanced by smoke and light effects in the mirror tent, it features a grooving band, spectacular acrobatics, Australian humour, and a thrilling sword swallower act. It’s a fantastical, sensual journey.

5. Family Fun at Winter Tollwood

Children are in for a treat with daily arts and crafts in the kids’ tent. This winter, let your kids engage in friendly competition on four new curling lanes. Whether your kid is a sports enthusiast or seeking fun, book your spot for an unforgettable curling experience.

Winter Tollwood promises a festive season filled with art, ecology, and global culture. It’s not just a festival; It’s an experience that enriches the soul and ignites the spirit. 

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Additional Details to Know about Tollwood Festival 2023

1. Discover the Magic of the Market of Ideas

Step into a world of sustainable craftsmanship and global organic cuisine. Wander through tents and outdoor booths. Each one will be brimming with unique finds and delectable treats, at the Winter Tollwood’s Market of Ideas.

2. New Year’s Eve Extravaganza at Tollwood Festival

Bid adieu to the year in style at Tollwood’s New Year’s Eve party. Celebrate with a charged atmosphere, culminating in the traditional midnight waltz. A night filled with festivity and charm awaits you on December 31. You may need to book tickets for this event.

3. Book Your Adventure with “Limbo Unhinged” – Tickets Details

Experience the captivating circus program “Limbo Unhinged” in the Spiegelzelt. Secure your tickets through München-Ticket and prepare for a thrilling journey of acrobatics and spectacle.

4. How to Reach Winter Tollwood Festival 2023 Location?

Embark on your festive journey to the Theresienwiese, the heart of the Winter Festival in Munich. Easily accessible via the U4/U5 station, your adventure is just a ride away.

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5. A Festival of Lights and Arts – The Tollwood Experience

Tollwood isn’t just about bright lights and art installations; it’s a carousel of cabaret, artistry, and performances. Stroll through the Market of Ideas, where most events are free. Immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of culture and joy!

6. Looking Ahead to Summer – Enjoy Tollwood Again in Summer!

After the winter festivities, anticipate the Tollwood Summer Festival in June/July 2024 at Munich’s Olympic Park. A new season of celebration beckons.

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What Makes Tollwood Festival 2023 a Must-Visit Event?

1. A Journey Through the History of Tollwood Festival

Since its inception in 1988 at Olympiapark Süd, the Tollwood Festival has been a beacon of

  • Multiculturalism
  • Showcasing tolerance
  • Internationality, and 
  • Openness

The Winter Festival, introduced in 1992, continues this tradition. How so? By offering an eclectic mix of culture, music, and arts at the “Market of Ideas.”

2. An Eclectic Cultural Mosaic

Tollwood Festival, a celebration in Munich, dazzles with:

  • Exceptional theatre productions
  • Stunning performances, and 
  • Diverse music genres from jazz to world music 

The unique market adds to this vibrancy with unique handicrafts and global organic cuisine. These are further underscored by a deep commitment to human rights and environmental stewardship!

3. Tollwood: A Biannual Cultural Extravaganza

Munich comes alive twice a year with Tollwood’s cultural festivities. The summer event spans 26 days in June and July at Olympic Park South. 

On the other hand, the winter festival kicks off just before Advent at Theresienwiese. This extravaganza culminates with a grand New Year’s Eve celebration. So, double the fun in a year for holidaymakers!

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4. Tollwood’s Ethos – Culture and Ecology for All

Run by a private company dedicated to cultural and environmental initiatives, Tollwood balances profit and non-profit endeavours. 

The “Market of Ideas” funds cultural and ecological projects, with additional support from sponsors. True to its philosophy, over 80% of events are free, ensuring that culture is accessible to everyone!

Tollwood Festival 2023 invites you to an extraordinary blend of multicultural arts, environmental consciousness, and community spirit. Experience this must-visit event where culture and ecology meet!


Tollwood Winter Festival 2023 is ready to host you with an array of exciting attractions. Delicious food, unique entertainment and mind-boggling experiences await. Just grab your Germany Visa from UK and jet off to Munich for a memorable Christmas and Festival experience!


Q1: What are the dates for the Winter Tollwood Festival 2023 at Theresienwiese?

A1: The Winter Tollwood Festival 2023 at Theresienwiese is scheduled from November 23 to December 31, 2023.

Q2: Is the Winter Tollwood Festival just a Christmas market?

A2: No, the Winter Tollwood Festival is more than a Christmas market. It’s a vibrant blend of circus arts, unique handicrafts, inspiring climate protection initiatives, and a variety of performances and culinary experiences.

Q3: Do I need to buy tickets to visit the Winter Tollwood Festival?

A3: Most events at the Winter Tollwood Festival, including the Market of Ideas and Food Plaza, offer free admission. However, specific shows like “Limbo Unhinged” require tickets, which can be purchased through München-Ticket.

Q4: What are some top attractions at the Winter Tollwood Festival 2023?

A4: Key attractions include the transformation of Theresienwiese into a Winter Wonderland, artistic and ecological exhibitions, performances by “Machine de Cirque,” the Limbo Unhinged show, family-friendly activities, and the New Year’s Eve Extravaganza.

Q5: How can I reach the Winter Tollwood Festival at Theresienwiese?

A5: The Winter Tollwood Festival at Theresienwiese in Munich is easily accessible via public transport, particularly the U4/U5 subway station, making it convenient for visitors to arrive at the festival site.

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