TFTI: Houston’s Art Museum for the Selfie Generation

If you’re part of the selfie-loving generation and find yourself in Houston, the Houston Museum for Interactive Photos, also known as TFTI, is a must-visit destination. In this article, we’ll explore how this interactive art museum in Houston has become a hotspot for those seeking the perfect selfie backdrop.

Houston’s Artistic Playground

Houston is no stranger to the arts, and TFTI is a vibrant addition to the city’s creative landscape. This interactive art museum features more than 18 curated rooms designed to blend art, illusion, and photography seamlessly. It’s a playground for art enthusiasts, selfie enthusiasts, and families in search of unique portraits.

TFTI: The Ultimate Selfie Paradise

Each room at TFTI tells a distinct story. From the gravity-defying Upside Down Room to the mesmerizing Infinity Mirror Room, this museum is a treasure trove of photographic opportunities. Whether you’re snapping selfies in the LOVE Letters Room or capturing candid moments in the Pillow Fight Room, TFTI is the ultimate backdrop for memorable photographs.


TFTI, the interactive art museum in Houston, caters to the selfie generation’s desire for stunning photos. Beyond being one of the best places to take photos in Houston, it’s a space that blurs the lines between traditional art and modern photography. Whether you’re chasing jaw-dropping selfies, crafting cherished family portraits, or planning a unique date night, TFTI offers an unforgettable experience. Make your way to TFTI and transform your selfies into artful memories.

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