Sweets – Saviour of Our Taste Buds

Sweets are indeed considered a savior of our taste buds and bring joy to our palates. They offer a delightful burst of flavors, textures, and sweetness that can satisfy our cravings and provide a sense of pleasure. Sattur Mittai Kadai Delivers Fresh and Delicious Indian Sweets Online Across India. Sattur Mittai Kadai has gained popularity over the years due to its commitment to quality and taste. The sweets are prepared in a hygienic environment, maintaining the traditional methods and flavors that have made them a favorite among locals and visitors alike.


Here are a few reasons why sweets are often celebrated as the saviors of our tongues:

Laddu: laddu offers a harmonious combination of sweetness, creaminess, nuttiness, and aromatic flavors.  The sugar or jaggery used in its preparation gives it a pronounced sweet taste that can be quite satisfying. As you bite into a laddu, you may experience a smooth, buttery sensation on your tongue. 

 MysorePak: Mysore Pak is a beloved sweet in South India, It is often enjoyed during festivals, weddings, or special occasions. The combination of butteriness, sweetness, granular texture, and aromatic notes makes Mysore Pak a delightful treat for your taste buds. Mysore Pak has a unique texture that can be described as crumbly and slightly grainy. It has a delicate balance between a solid and melt-in-your-mouth consistency. As you bite into a piece, you may feel the granular texture on your tongue, which adds a delightful sensation to the overall experience.

Badhusha: Badhusha offers a combination of flaky texture, sweetness, fragrant flavors, and butteriness. It is a popular sweet during festivals, celebrations, and special occasions in India. The unique texture and taste of Badhusha make it a delightful treat for your taste buds. As you bite into a Badhusha, you may experience the richness of ghee, which adds a smooth and indulgent flavor to the sweet. Badhusha is often soaked in sugar syrup after frying, allowing it to absorb the sweetness. This syrup soaking process further enhances the flavor and texture of the sweet, making it moist and tender.

Jangeri/Jalebi: Jangiri is a popular sweet in India and is commonly served during festivals, weddings, and special occasions. Its crispy texture, sweetness, juiciness, and aromatic flavors make it a delightful treat for your taste buds. Jangeri, also known as Jalebi, is a popular Indian sweet made from fermented batter, which is deep-fried and soaked in sugar syrup. As a result, the exterior of Jalebi becomes crispy, offering a satisfying crunch when you take a bite. As you bite into the Jangeri, you may experience a burst of syrup in your mouth, adding juiciness to the overall taste.

 Halwa: Halwa is a traditional sweet dessert found in various forms and flavors. Halwa often contains a significant amount of ghee, which gives it a rich and buttery taste. As you take a bite, you may experience the smooth and luxurious texture of the ghee, which coats your tongue and adds a delightful richness to the overall flavor. 

 Kaju Katli: Kaju Katli, also known as Kaju Barfi, is a popular Indian sweet made primarily from cashew nuts (kaju), sugar, and ghee (clarified butter). Kaju Katli has a smooth and creamy texture that melts in your mouth. The cashew nuts are ground into a fine powder, giving the sweet a velvety consistency. As you bite into Kaju Katli, you’ll experience its soft and delicate texture, which adds to the overall indulgence. Kaju Katli is a popular choice during festivals, celebrations, and special occasions in India. Its smooth texture, mild sweetness, nutty flavor, and melt-in-your-mouth experience make it a cherished treat for your taste buds.

Sweets are happiness. Relish the happiness of consuming sweets to nourish happiness. Are you going to buy happiness? Sattur Mittai Kadai is a sweets and savory shop that produces top-notch sweets. Pick the favorite sweet you like the most and immediately place your order. Please visit  to place your order and for more information.


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