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Oil and Chip: Your Solution for Durable, Cost-Effective Roads”

Oil and chip pavement is a well-tried technique with several benefits for paving roads in Decatur. Oil and chip Decatur is an affordable and long-lasting option for building new highways or resurfacing old ones. Here are some answers to frequently asked concerns concerning Decatur’s oil and chip paving.

What is Oil and Chip Paving?

Oil and chip paving, often called chip seal or seal coating, is a technique in which the road surface is first coated with a layer of hot liquid asphalt and then covered with a layer of tiny stone chips. The asphalt is compressed with the stones, resulting in a surface resilient to skidding.

What are the Benefits of Oil and Chip Paving?

Oil and chip pavers are renowned for their lifetime and toughness. It’s resilient to bad weather and high traffic volumes. This technology is appealing for many projects since it offers a reasonably priced substitute for conventional asphalt or concrete paving.

Is Oil and Chip Paving Environmentally Friendly?

When compared to alternative techniques, oil and chip Decatur is said to be more ecologically friendly. It utilizes less asphalt and recycles pre-existing road materials. The stone chips that are used are also sustainable and natural.

Why Choose Professional Oil and Chip Services in Decatur?

Expert oil and chip Decatur services guarantee that the pavement is installed correctly, enhancing its strength and beauty. Talented contractors can provide a long-lasting, high-quality surface since they have the tools and skills necessary.


Oil and chip paving isn’t merely a surface treatment; it’s a budget-friendly, environmentally-conscious choice for Decatur’s road network. The Road Doctor, driven by a commitment to client contentment, top-tier materials, and a wealth of experience, is a leading authority in delivering this service. Rest assured of our capabilities to provide you with a road surface that not only endures the tests of time and traffic but also adds an aesthetically pleasing touch to Decatur’s landscapes.

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