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Mastering the Art of Narrative Essay Writing: Tips and Tricks

Narrative essays are anecdotal, personal, and often experimental/fictional. Such papers may also require writers to convey their stories or describe hypothetical situations. Such academic tasks aim to provide a perspective of ‘WHO YOU ARE’ and ‘WHAT CHARACTERISTICS YOU HAVE.’

It also tests your formatting, vocabulary, expressive sentence structuring, and ability to engage readers throughout the narrative. However, you may find it harder to craft such papers, especially if you have no prior practice or experience. Hence, it makes sense to hire professional essay writing services via My Assignment Help or similar platforms to ease things up.

Nevertheless, today, we will share some useful tips to churn out impressive narrative essays from scratch.

  1. Pick an Appropriate Topic 

It is an account of spoken words or connected events.Common topics that work well for such papers include as following –

  • A moment of serenity
  • Describe how you would transform the world
  • The biggest loss in your life
  •  Your greatest shame in school
  • A past situation that made you feel helpless

However, in most cases, you already get a topic assigned that helps save the effort. But even if you don’t have one, use these options. You can hire a narrative essay writer from one of the top-rated platforms who can help you sort a suitable topic (if not given). These experts will gladly suggest plenty of narrative themes to cover. 

  • Prepare the Outline

Understanding the purpose of narrative writing is crucial.Once you have that you prepare the outline. Such papers adhere to the standard 5-paragraph outline.

  • Introduction (1 stanza)
  • Body (3-4 stanzas)
  • Conclusion (1 stanza)

Then, create a rough draft and outline how you want to tell the story.

  • If you’re describing a time when you endured hardships, the outline will help you maintain a correct flow.
  • You can discuss the situation and provide background information in the first body stanza. In the next paragraph, you can share your perseverance.
  • In the 3rd body segment, you can explain what you learned from the situation. 

However, you must also introduce the topic in the introduction and provide a thesis statement to inform readers what the paper entails. Also, in conclusion, you must surmise the thesis statement, connect all main points, and add a clincher statement to evoke emotions among readers.

  • Write the paper in 1st Person Tone

Use 1st person tone to convey your narrative. Aim to visualize and describe the situation so that the audience is transported straight to it. Use ‘I,’ ‘Me,’ and ‘We’ to help readers connect with the story. You must also add your inner thoughts to add more depth to the piece. 

The readers will love the experience and may even feel a part of the narrative.

  • Rely on Creative Language 

If you refer to narrative writing examples online, you will find respective writers using vivid, creative language to move the readers’ minds. 

You must take cues and use your vocabulary to enrich your language and make it more interesting. Moreover, you must add sensory details and phrases in the piece to appeal to the readers’ five senses – taste, touch, smell, sound, and sight. 

The more you tickle the readers’ emotions, the more chances they will connect with the narrative and enjoy it. 

Above all, always write from your standpoint. It’s your narrative to present a clear point of view. Experts often describe creativity in narrative essays manifesting from an authorial perspective. So, remember this when you begin writing.

  • Finally, Revise & Get 2nd Opinion

After writing the paper, you must edit, proofread, and scan for plagiarism. Also, read the piece and see if everything is easy to follow. Remove bland or unneeded sentences. Also, remove clutter (if present) to ensure neatness and clarity.

Also, get feedback from someone you trust. Refer to the suggestions and incorporate them where needed.

These tips should help you churn out a quality narrative paper. Contact professional essay writers online if you need more insights and tutoring.

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Jamie Price is a narrative essay writer for for years. He is an expert in Literature and sociology and helps students write several personal academic tasks. He is also a professor at the University of Pennsylvania. 

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