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Is AS400 Support and Maintenance a Good Investment?

You know the importance of having a dependable and effective technology system as a business owner. This is especially true when you are using an IBM i, also known as an AS400 system.

Your IBM i system is the backbone of many important business processes, so having a support team that can keep it running smoothly is important. Here is a guide that can help you from A to Z in understanding AS400 Support.

What is AS400/IBMi Support?

Support means having experts who know a lot about this AS400 system to make sure it works smoothly. IBM’s AS400/iSeries systems need a team of experienced developers who have the knowledge and ability to successfully manage and maintain them. Hardware and software support, system monitoring, troubleshooting, maintenance, updates, and security are all examples of support services.

A company that depends on AS400/IBMi systems for critical applications can’t ignore the importance of AS400/IBMi support. Without sufficient maintenance, these systems could face issues affecting their performance, availability, and security.

Other company’s IT teams can provide AS400 support. Support levels according to the demands of your organization. Support services cover all parts of AS400/IBMi administration and maintenance, while others may specialize in particular areas, such as system updates or security.

These services not only give regular maintenance, but they also help in troubleshooting and technical support. This allows Business owners to gain the most of their investment. AS400 support services can help by giving the best training and coaching. This provides businesses with an additional level of security while dealing with these critical systems.

How many types of AS400 Support Services are there?

Hardware and Software Support: The AS400 system, can have problems with its hardware or the programs you use. The support team helps in solving these issues, whether they involve the actual hardware or the applications that operate on its software.

System Monitoring: Consider someone monitoring all the time your AS400 System. If something looks wrong, they can identify it before it’s turned into a big problem. This is done for businesses by AS400 support teams. They keep monitoring on the system to make sure that everything is working properly.

Troubleshooting: When anything goes wrong, you need someone to help you figure out why. AS400 support teams will be helping with your company’s computer. They will find and fix issues so that your business can run properly.

Maintenance: The support team does regular maintenance to stop problems before they happen. It’s like giving your business computer a health check.

Upgrades: The support team helps in upgrading the system to the latest version, ensuring your business stay up-to-date.

Security: AS400 support teams make sure your business is protected. They set up defenses to keep your data safe from cyberattacks.

Which expertise does your business need in AS400 Support?

Fast solution of technical problems

The capacity to fix technical difficulties that may develop is one of the main benefits of working with an experienced AS400 Support company.

If your system fails, it might have an impact on your business operations. Downtime may be reduced by setting up a team of professionals who are skilled in your system and troubleshooting issues.

This support will help your company in restarting business as quickly as possible. Plus, a skilled team of experts will make sure that your system performs properly.

Experienced AS400 Support services enable you to create Specific solutions that are perfect for your specific business requirements. This is especially useful if you have particular requirements that must be fulfilled within the standard in AS400 Support Services.

Regular Maintenance to stop Problems

AS400 Supports service providers can help stop problems Also fix technical issues. This is done through Timely maintenance.

Checking and maintaining your system regularly is part of regular maintenance. It also helps your As400 System working at peak performance.

You can save money and effort by avoiding costly and time-consuming disturbances in your business operations. Avoid these disturbances by dealing with potential issues before they become major difficulties.

When a problem occurs, an expert AS400 Support team member can quickly diagnose the issue and give a solution. They may be Needed to provide a quick conclusion regardless of how complicated the issue is.

Expert Advice and Guidance

They can also provide necessary advise and information on how to use and optimize your AS400 System. They can help you in making informed decisions about upgrades, fixes, and other changes. As a result, your system’s performance and efficiency will increase.

A team of professionals who understand your system’s complexity can give useful advice and guidance to make sure you get the best out of your AS400 system.

They can also instruct and assist your employees so that they can get the most out of your system. Plus, their instruction and direction can help your staff be more productive and effective with the system. As a result, performance and efficiency improve.

Access to a Wide Range of Knowledge

Working with a team of AS400 Support professionals has the advantage which allowing you to look into a range of skills. Your support team will have a wide range of abilities and expertise, which useful when dealing with difficult technology issues.

They will also have access to a variety of knowledge and tools to help them in solving difficulties. There is no need to figure out the problem on your own when you have team members who can helpin rapidly identify the problem. This saves you time.

Cost Savings

Hiring a skilled IBM i Support team might also save you money in the long term. For example, by monitoring your system and fixing issues, you can avoid costly downtime and repairs.

Also, having a team of specialists on hand saves the need to spend time and resources teaching in-house team. You will also avoid having to outsource support responsibilities to various providers. When you have a reliable AS400 Support Team, you save time, money, and resources.

what are the Business Benefits of AS400 Support Services?

Competitive advantage

The following advantage of AS400 services goes above basic maintenance. The services contribute to smooth operation and fast problem solutions, helping your company to maintain a continuous competitive advantage.

While competitors can’t fix issues, extend downtimes, and annoy consumers on their own, you can get benefits of the AS400 Supports services to become the first choice of your customers.

It ultimately equates to a larger client base, a better income stream, and a stronger market position.

Enhanced security

Security services are provided to secure a company’s systems against Hackers or malware attack attempts. Having a security system that protects sensitive data gives the company an advantage.


AS400 support services also provide companies with the ability to scale up or down their operations when needed, allowing companies to fulfill client demands while using fewer resources.

Companies can reduce overall costs and optimize their investment by taking advantage of AS400 support services and efficiently maintaining their AS400 systems.

Long-term ROI:

The main factor is affecting your company’s ROI are operational efficiency, improved performance, customer happiness, and risk management. Your investment in AS400 support and maintenance services covers all of these factors, which gives you a higher ROI.

Your AS400 system will run at its full potential with a maximum performance from the AS400 support team, boosting productivity and income converting into a larger ROI.


AS400/IBM i Support is important for businesses that depend on these systems for critical operations. A specialized AS400 support Services provider can help you conduct smooth operations, minimize downtime, and improve overall efficiency by providing hardware and software support, system monitoring, troubleshooting, and expert coaching. 
AS400 support services are a strategic investment that provides a competitive edge and helps you in long-term company success because to their diversified skills, cost savings, and long-term ROI.

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