How to Fix QuickBooks Update Error Code 15221?

QuickBooks error code 15221 is seen when you open the new updated version of QuickBooks. Also, as a consequence of such an error you might not be able to launch the updated software. If you are facing the same error, then going through this segment will surely be of some help to you. To get a better insight into fixing QuickBooks error code 15221, make sure that you stick around till the end.

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What triggers QuickBooks error 15221?

The QuickBooks error 15221 can be caused due to the following reasons:

  • Just in case the antivirus is restricting from downloading the QuickBooks update.
  • Moreover, if the QuickBooks data files are corrupted.
  • Incorrect configuration of internet explorer.
  • Another reason can be if the digital signatures aren’t supported by the browser.

Solutions to perform to fix the QuickBooks error 15221

Below solutions can be of some help in rectifying the QuickBooks error code 15221. Let us explore the basic steps one by one:

Method 1: Basic troubleshooting steps

  • Start off with reinstalling QuickBooks.
  • Open internet explorer.
  • Head to the gear option and click on the internet options.
  • Move to the security tab and select trusted sites.
  • Click on the site and add the website.
  • Choose close tab.
  • Hit a click on apply and hit ok tab.
  • Expired windows certificate might lead to such an issue, in that case the you need to run windows update.

Method 2: Improper configuration of Microsoft internet explorer

Majority of the software even after getting updated, fails to begin as the inaccurate configuration of the internet explorer that works side by side while the user is downloading the updated version of QuickBooks. As a result of this, you might face major issue of the files not matching with the C-Run time files of the internet explorer.

We consider that the steps that we have mentioned in above might be of some help in rectifying the QuickBooks error 15221.

Whereas, if for some reason you aren’t able to or if you want us to perform the steps for you, then do not think twice, simply reach out to us at 1-800-615-2347, and let our QuickBooks error support team handle the situation for you.

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