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How to Create Project on Free Cricut Design Space App?

It’s evident to clear the basic concepts of the free Cricut Design Space app before creating something new. Owning a cutter machine isn’t a big issue; however, what matters the most is having this cloud-based designing software. One can easily develop imaginative ideas into real life through different tools and features from anywhere and anytime.

One feature that makes this app unique is that it is available free of cost to every user. Other than that, you can also work offline without breaking any flows while designing the project. Get to learn more about this system software from this post.

How to Setup Free Cricut Design Space App on PCs?

Individuals can set up a free Cricut Design Space app on their Windows computers. Intending to do that, you must have got strong broadband connectivity and finish the process with the help of the stages written below:


  1. First, switch on your respective PCs (Windows/Mac).
  2. Second, move to the preferred web browser (Google Chrome/Safari/Bing/Opera).
  3. Third, open the Cricut Design main portal and press the Download icon on the page’s right side.
  4. Intending to start the app installation, you need to double-click on the file by visiting the Downloads section of the system.

  1. Following the end of the app installation & setup process on the PC, go to your system home screen and open the app.
  2. Next, enter your Email/Cricut ID and Password on the Cricut Sign-In page.
  3. After that, press the Sign In box shared on your device’s screen.

  1. Lastly, move the installed app to the Pin to Taskbar to arrive at the app more easily.


How to Install Design Space on Smart Devices?

In addition, if you consider completing the design by living in your comfort zone, installing the free Design Space app on smart devices must be in your record. To do so, you are guided to go through the steps written in the section below:


  1. Intending to install the app on your Android/iOS smart devices, open the Play Store/App Store.
  2. After the app opens, seek Cricut Design Space by writing it inside the search field.
  3. To get the app on the mobile phone, select Get/Install and hold on until it is completely installed.

  1. Following this, the app will immediately launch on your devices; sign in as per the instructions.
  2. Ultimately, you can continue completing your left-over or start creating new projects.


Further installing the app on mobile devices, you can start one of the foremost activities, i.e., creating a project.

How to Draw Project on Free Cricut Design Space App?

unique To begin with the process of crafting a project on the free Design Space app, examine the steps expressed in the section below:


  1. To start the project, choose the New button on the left side of the Canvas.
  2. To add Text, Images, Templates, or Shapes to the project, press the icon per your preference.
  3. Once you are done finalizing the project, you have to save the project by ticking the Save button.
  4. After that, choose the Cricut by pressing the Make It button.
  5. The machine will start printing and cutting the created design on the loaded mat.

With the steps previously mentioned in this section, an individual will learn how to create a customized project while operating the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What Does Flatten Do in Cricut Design Space?

Answer: With the help of the Design Space Flatten feature, one can easily combine multiple layers into a single printable image. By choosing this feature, you can get a printout of the whole image. You’ve to make a final cut around the exterior outline of the recently printed image.

Question: How to Upload Font to Free Cricut Design Space App?

Answer: With Design Space, one can also upload the font of their choice by converting them into cuttable shapes. However, there are two different types of images such as Basic & Vector images. The chosen image can be uploaded into Canvas by ticking the Upload box inside the Design Space section.

Question: How to Use Wrap in Design Space Software?

Answer: Wrap is an elite feature only accessible to Cricut Access subscribers. However, the user can correctly use this feature during the drawing process. With the help of the Wrap, an individual can easily reshape the size of the text by choosing from 24 different styles to experience its effects.




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