How to Connect Cricut to Computer (Windows/Mac)?

With an aim to fulfill their buyer’s demand, Cricut Inc. keeps updating their cutting machine and heat presses along with their design software. Its craft plotters can cut almost all kinds of designs, from tissue paper to balsa wood, within a few minutes with ease. Apart from that, Cricut Design Space lends a helping hand by sending designs to the Cricut machine. Also, this software comes with Cricut Access, which permits them to use the extensive library.

The app is easily accessible for free on computers as well as mobile devices. One of the reasons why it is important is that it directly communicates with the machine and offers a free library to beginners and experts. There is a diverse range of tools and features using which the DIYer will be capable enough to craft custom projects. Get ready to learn about how to connect Cricut to computer, then keep scrolling down this blog.

Which Cricut Machines are Compatible With Design Space?

There is a diverse range of electronic cutting machines ready for crafters in the market. To give physical form to their virtual design idea, they need to ensure that their cut-die machine models are compatible with the software. Design Space is a key app that runs jointly with the craft plotters.

Talking in terms of compatibility, one can easily connect and pair up their Cricut models via USB & Bluetooth methods. It will give them the permit to craft the custom projects to be creative. With the successful pairing up process, the user will get the desired project on time without facing any errors.

Did you understand which cutting machine models are compatible with the Cricut Design Space? If yes! Then let’s begin by letting you know about how to connect Cricut to computer.

How to Connect Cricut Machine to Mac?

If you are a Mac user but don’t have any idea regarding Cricut software, then you must study this section. Before starting the process, the users need to ensure that they should have a strong internet speed. The below steps will be come to your aid by offering details regarding the connection process with the Mac system:

  1. Go ahead with the process by opening the Safari app and going to the Design Space Setup window.
  2. After arriving at the window, press the Download given inside the white box.
Cricut Design Software Application Software
  1. Next, you need to wait till the Cricut software file is downloaded to your system.
  2. Following the successful installation of the file, open your web browser or visit the Downloads section.
  1. Now, double-click the.dmg file and move Cricut Design Space to your system Applications folder.
Cricut Software Application
  1. Further, launch the app by opening the Applications folder and double-clicking the Cricut software.
Cricut Software Apllication
  1. Also, a moment later, you will get a Mac notice asking you to open the app on the system.
  2. Now, you’ve to tap the Open button that appears in the first place to carry on with the process.
Cricut Software Apllication
  1. After selecting the option, wait for a few seconds, and Cricut Sign In will instantly get on your screen.
  2. Meanwhile, sign in or create your Cricut account by submitting the details inside the blank.
Cricut Software Apllication
  1. Conclude the process by ticking the New Project option and start creating your first project on the canvas.

Crafters with the Windows operating system can easily get this free app on their PC. For that, they have to examine the section given below.

How to Connect Cricut to Computer (Windows)?

Before installing the app, all the crafters, whether a newbie or an expert, need to ensure that their Windows system is fulfilling the system requirements. To come across the info regarding how to connect Cricut to Windows, carry on with the section:

  1. First, open the search engine of your choice (Google ChromeBingMozilla Firefox, etc).
  2. Second, pay a visit to the Cricut software home page and tick the Download box.
Cricut Software App
  1. Third, get the app by double-clicking the link by opening a web browser or going to the Downloads folder.
Cricut Software
  1. Next, if a pop-up window opens, choose trust the application, and the setup window will open.
  1. Now, minimize the window and open Cricut Design Space on your system.
  2. Following this, create your account or sign in by submitting your Cricut ID & password.
Cricut Software
  1. Lastly, pull up your socks and begin by creating custom designs on the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How Can I Allow Cricut Software in My Antivirus?

Answer: The antivirus program helps the system protect it from cyber-attacks. There are some viruses that easily get detected, and the antivirus instantly deletes them. As per the buyer’s feedback, the user can add the Cricut software to their safe programs list with the aim of running it smoothly on the computer. Besides, it will also protect the computer from being the victim of the virus and affecting the private data.

Question: How Can I Access My Cricut Projects Without an Internet Connection?

Answer: While working on Cricut Design Space with an internet connection, try to save your final project either on the cloud or computer. After saving it in the folder, it will definitely become easier for the DIYer to access the program for future reference without getting connected to the internet. Following this, the crafter won’t be facing any issues while accessing their images, font, or ready-to-make projects on Design Space Canvas.

Question: How Can I Update My Mac Devices?

Answer Follow the steps to learn about the updating Mac device operating system process:

  1. First, backup all your files saved in your Mac devices into another system.
  2. Next, press Settings > General > Software Update option.
  3. If any software update is available, then your system will instantly begin the update process.
  4. Lastly, your Mac device will show an installation status window on the screen.

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