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How To Choose The Right Color For Your Office?

Believe it or not, the color of your wall in your office has a major role in deciding how your team members work. We often underestimate the powers of colors, colors can evoke particular emotions in you. It is crucial to note that psychological response differs from one person to another. One color that contributes to boosting productivity in your office may not be very helpful in another office. There are many factors that a professional Fort Collins Painting company considers before finalizing the color in your office such as the size of your office, availability of natural light, etc. These are some of the factors that help in determining what colors will work and what won’t.

It is crucial to note that there are many other things that go into the process of making the right decision and that’s why it is always advisable to hire an expert and experienced commercial painting company in order to get long lasting results and a dream space like you always wanted.

Understanding Color Psychology

Color psychology is the study of how colors impact or evoke psychological reactions such as different feelings and emotions.


This is the color that is associated with promoting a productive environment in your office. If you are looking to create a productive atmosphere, blue is the color that best increases your focus and concentration power.


It is another color that is very well-known for creating a calming environment and is associated with forming a balance in your room. Green reflects nature and you should choose green to give a touch of relaxing nature in your office.


Optimism and innovation, yes these are the words that best represent yellow color. It not only brightens up your color but also creates a relaxing atmosphere that is the foundation for creativity and thinking outside of the box.


It is a color that reflects high intensity. It may not be the perfect color to paint your four walls but it is best to use in some areas of your room.


Purple is known as the color that is a combination of emotions of red and blue. It is a color of royalty which reflects energy and productivity in your room.


It is a color that will make your room look modern and pure. It can make your small room larger and it is a great choice if you want a sense of neutrality in your workspace.

Some Factors To Consider

Choosing the right paint color can prove to be a little difficult task as there are so many colors to choose from which makes it a little challenging task. Let’s explore some of the guidelines that you need to know before contacting Commercial Paint Services in Fort Collins.

Know About Your Space

You will find colors that are great for some kinds of industries but they may not be great for any other industry. For instance, shades of white and gray are perfect for professional corporate offices and may not be well suited for retail stores. Most of the stores typically make use of bold colors to attract people. 

Availability of Natural Light

Light has a great level of impact on the color and you should consider this factor to finalize our decision. Spaces that have less sunlight should go with lighter shades and places that have a good amount of natural light can take advantage of dark colors. The presence of light can change the overall appearance of your wall paint color.

Overall Size of Your Space

If you have a small office space, make it feel larger with the use of lighter shades of colors and use dark colors to make the opposite effect.    

Temperature of The Space

Colors can be warming to cold. To make your space warm, choose yellow, red and orange. And if you are looking to make your space cool, choose lighter shades of green or blue.

Focus on Large Elements of Your Room

Another top way to select the right color is to focus on the large objects that are present in your space. Look for the colors that complement the colors of your objects. It will help you achieve the right fusion of colors.

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