How To Choose The Best Gel Nail Polish For You

How To Choose The Best Gel Nail Polish For You

Getting a manicure at home with your bestie is always fun. It is a great way to hang out and spend some time together while also putting in some much-needed self-care along the way. But this is only fun if you have all the right colours. Most people have a basic collection of red, maroon, pink, and sometimes even black. And people also stick to these colours – never try anything new.

On the other hand, if you try out new shades, you may find out that the best gel nail polish for you is something you never even expected. You can use a few tips and tricks to build your manicure station at home with the best hues.

Your Skin Tone And Nail Polish

When shopping for Cally Gel Nail Polish, take a moment and consider your skin tone. Like with our clothes, some nail paints will work better for us than others – some shades can appear muted, while others can appear too shocking or bright. For instance, if you’ve ever noticed a certain red nail polish looks great on your while another one looks terrible, it could be the minor difference in pigments. It might be red, so to speak, but it can have various undertones and shades. To find the one that suits you pleasingly, you should put in awesome research and find out what your skin tone and undertones are. This will help you figure out the Best Gel Nail Polish For you.

Other than this, go for nudes, as they come in handy. The most basic one that should always be in your repertoire is a nude polish that is exactly the same as your skin tone. You can figure one from different shades of nude polish using a nude tones colour sheet or simply by trying it out.


Another fun thing you can do with nude nail polish is to apply a different shade on each nail. It will create a bold gradient that is absolutely gorgeous.

Something For The Job!

Consider your work and the shades you associate with your job, or match your uniform if you wear any.

In an office environment, mild nail polishes and nudes often go much better. Pale pink, purple, and other pastel hues may work. So keep this in mind when you shop for Cally Gel Nail Polish!

The Colours Of The Season

We have various ways of celebrating the change of seasons, festivals, celebrations, carnivals, fairs, parties, and many more. All of these vary according to season, so you should have the Best Gel Nail Polish for every season. Stock up on:

  • Red, white, and gold for Christmas
  • Green for St. Patrick’s Day
  • Orange, browns, and other warm shades for October, Halloween, etc.

Buying Cally Gel Nail Polish for all seasons will prepare you to turn heads in any season. Along with festivities, we also stock on nail paints that reflect the season and the weather. For instance, you can use cooler colours in the winter and warmer colours in the summer. Conversely, many people like to use warmer shades in the winter to stave off the seasonal depression that might occur due to reducing Vit D, among other things.


Although it may not have been intentional, we have come to associate certain colours, plants, food, and stuff according to different festivals. It is human nature to find forms, patterns, and shapes and categorize everything.

Keeping Up With The Trends!

In the early 2000s, lots of purple, indigo, and blue nail polishes, lipsticks, and eyeshadow were trending. These were iridescent, too. In the ‘90s, you would see a lot of reds, maroons, and bold shades like black. You can choose what is trending now, or if you prefer a certain era over others, you can prefer your nail colours accordingly.

It might be difficult to get a sense of what is trending as things keep changing so fast, but with a little research, you will know what you need.

A Nail For The Aesthetic

With a lot of freedom in lifestyles, dressing, and fashion today, many people have chosen their aesthetics and followed them in their life. Back then, this was common only among high schoolers, and people had to let go of what they liked once they moved on. That is not at all the case today. You can choose your aesthetic and dress according to it all year long.

Cottagecore means wearing warm, cosy pastels all year long. So if this is your aesthetic, you should use light pinks, yellows, and other warm pastels for your nails. Likewise, you can narrow down one or more aesthetics you’re into and decide on your nail polish accordingly.


There are many ways to decide, decode and find the base nail polishes that should adorn your shelf. Once you get these, you can focus on the extras you will need but not use as regularly.

At Cally Cosmetics, you can begin your nail art journey and buy all the Cally Gel Nail Polishes you need. If you have sensitive skin, we have exactly what you need. Stock up on Hema Free Gel nail polish and enjoy your manicures itch-free!

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