How do you gain Instagram followers via Facebook Ads?

With more than 22 million monthly users, Instagram has become France’s 3rd most-used platform, behind Facebook and YouTube. Instagram, therefore, represents a keystone of social presence for many brands by driving traffic to your websites or e-commerce, increasing conversions and developing an active audience. If your company on Instagram is less intense than you hoped, it would be beneficial to refine your strategy for gaining more Instagram followers through Facebook. Instagram will give you a better chance of them becoming your customers. ‍

1. Why gain more followers on Instagram?

Your Instagram follower count would only mean a little if it didn’t represent several engaged followers who make purchases, visit your sites, and tell their friends and followers about your brands check now.

So here are the reasons why it is essential to build your presence the right way to get more Instagram followers:

  • Have an audience with whom to interact regularly
  • Be able to promote your latest updates
  • Increase your sales
  • Attract traffic to your websites
  • Strengthen your credibility
  • Present new ideas to an existing audience

Get to know your target audience and the type of content they enjoy.

Have the ability to monetize your audience through influencer marketing.

Obtain a relevant audience for you

Take advantage of mighty remarketing power

2. Creating advertising campaigns on Facebook for Instagram

First of all, let’s clarify the prerequisites for obtaining more followers using  Facebook Ads  :

Have an active Facebook advertising account or Business Manager account.

Instagram professional profile and a Facebook page

Have Pixel installed

How to create a Facebook Ads campaign?

First, go to Ads Manager and click Create.

For the campaign objective, choose the “Traffic” option.

In the next screen, make sure you have campaign budget optimization enabled and a campaign budget matching the amount you want to spend on ads daily.

Choose Ads settings

First, give it a name if you still need to.

Make sure you have selected “Website” in the Traffic section. Change the start and end dates accordingly.

A tip for A/B testing campaign results is to create multiple ad sets with different start and end dates so you can compare results without forgetting to end the campaigns.

Then, most importantly, select the lookalike audience you have created on your Instagram page.

Change the location in the “audience” section. Choose the places where you want the ads to appear. Choose the exact locations as those chosen for the lookalike audience.

There is no need to change demographic targeting options such as age, gender, or interests.

Facebook’s lookalike audience and algorithm will do its best to connect with users most likely to click on the ad link. Reducing the audience further could negatively impact your advertising results.

You can change the languages ​​if you only serve your Instagram ads and profile content in one language for better engagement.

Ad unit placement

In placements, make sure you have enabled “manual placements” and have only chosen Instagram placement.

In our example, we’ll only use the Instagram Stories placement, but you can choose one of the other Instagram placements if you want.

It’s best to test one placement at a time to see which one works best for you. For example, you can create ad sets for all Instagram placements. 

Choose “Link Clicks” to optimize delivery instead of the other options.

Now is the time to create engaging ads!

Creation of advertisements on Instagram

Click on your Ad Set in the Ads Manager to create and name your ad.

Then, make sure you have selected the correct Facebook page and Instagram account in the “Identity” section.

Then, place your Instagram profile URL in the “Website URL” section. 

Choose either an image or video for your ad. A short video for Instagram Stories will be better for converting users to follow your profile.

For the Call to Action, you can leave it in the form “Learn more” unless you have a dedicated link that you post on your Instagram profile in the “bio” section.

In video advertising, try to be clear and precise. Quickly show Internet users the benefit of following you.

If you use Instagram Stories as a placement, you have 15 seconds to convert that viewer into a follower.

If you’re using image ads, your image and main text should do the same.

If you use a short, sharp video for Instagram Stories, you won’t need to add text because the video will speak for itself. But you must write a quick copy and a call-to-action (CTA) button to click if you use images.

Although your campaign aims to gain more followers on Instagram, you will benefit from using your URL space to help your website from your advertising efforts. Also, make sure that the Pixel is installed correctly.

You are now ready to publish your ads and start optimizing their performance.

3. Tracking Instagram Follower Performance via Facebook Analytics

Let’s start with the parameters you will need to track.

From your ad manager, check the number of clicks you get and their respective cost (CPC) to measure the cost of advertising.

Since it is not possible to track the actual conversion of this campaign, namely the increase in followers, you will need to use Instagram Insights to measure the reach and total impressions of your advertising efforts.

Next, keep an eye on your total number of followers before the campaign and compare it to the final number of followers.

Next, divide the ad cost by the number of followers gained to get the cost per follower (CPF) metric. The CPF of the first campaign will serve as a reference to measure the performance of other advertising tests.

Also, please track how many clicks it takes to gain a follower.

Again, since we can’t count followers as conversions, you should always have these metrics handy, as it’s easy to lose track and start optimizing ads for maximum clicks using this method, which would not be objective.

When testing, use new ads and Ad Sets to make it easier without getting lost in individual Ad data. 

Let’s see how you can improve the results and gain even more Instagram followers using this method.

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