3 Best Methods to Enable Editable PDF

If you are stuck in your task just because you are not able to understand how do I enable editable PDF, maybe there is a reason for that and you need to solve it.

In this fast pace era, everybody is running fast so their work can be done easily within the time

In this article, you will get the answer to your question about how do I enable editable PDFs and easily turn your PDF into an editable one.

Check Settings To Enable Editable PDF

You can try some troubleshooting steps and check to enable PDF editing You can check the security settings to allow editing of the file by seeing file >properties>security. Check whether you are enabled editable PDF.

If you still have the same question about how do I enable editable PDF so follow these methods and enable PDF editing

Enable PDF Editing By Adobe

You can enable editable PDF by manual method and Adobe has one application and software because it helps to create and manage PDF (portable document files).

Adobe Reader

1. Select the File tab.

2. Select Properties in the drop-down menu.

3. Select the Security Tab in the properties dialog box.

4. Click on No Security in the Security Method drop-down dialog.

5. Now you just need to password in the dialog box and then select the OK button.

6. Afterwards click an OK button in the alert box.

7. Now click the OK button to close the Properties dialog box.

Manual Method By Using Online Tool

Some best online PDF editors in the market are effective, So when people are in haste to do their work because of a shortage of time so it can be useful and also provide some extra features and quick edit Tools.

There are ample tools that can do this and make some edits like:

  • You can change, edit or write text.
  • You can easily add or remove your signature on the PDF.
  • Can convert PDF into black and white.
  • You can do print tests, change the page order, and more.
  • You just need to take ACTION and all things will get sorted by itself


Tools such as:


Note:– These tools are free but not safe if you want to stake on your data confidentiality then it will easily remove restrictions from your PDF

Professional Way To Enable Editable PDF File

Try this SysTools’s Best PDF UNLOCKER has positive reviews and it’s a trustworthy product that has some great features like:-

  • Help Remove PDF restrictions Printing / Copying / Editing / Page Extraction so you can enable editable PDF.
  • It Supports Unlocking PDF files from Owner Level Password Security.
  • But make you allow Unrestrict PDF files having Known User Level Password Protection.
  • Add File and Add Folder options to Unlock PDF Files in Batch.
  • It can Allow to Remove Comment Restrictions from PDF documents
  • Find Easily Remove Document Assembly Restriction from PDF Files

Step1. Run the application, then click on Add Files or Add Folder button.

Step 2. Now choose any one option from Save or Print as per your requirements.

Step 3. Then select the destination path where files take palace and click on the “Unlock” button.

Step 4. Successfully Enable editable PDF allowed issue accurately.

Types of Password to Protect Enable Editable PDF

  • Passwords on PDFs are implied by users so they can limit access to a PDF by setting passwords and restricting certain features such as manipulation or enabling PDF editing.
  • Authors can’t prevent saving copies of a PDF but still, the copies too have the same restrictions.
  • If you are thinking How to turn PDF into editable so first find out which type of password has been applied to your PDF

Two types of passwords are used to protect PDF files

First Is The Document Open Password

  • It requires one to open the document and is also known as user user-level password so where the user needs to enter the password upon opening the document.

The Second Is Permissions Password

  • Permission password can be referred to as the master password so which needs to change permission settings.
  • You can’t enable PDF editing If you are using a permission password, so you can restrict printing, editing, and copying content in the PDF.
  • Recipients don’t need any passwords to read a file because can use a reader also but are not allowed to edit by any editor.
  • Recipients need passwords to manage restrictions.

If the PDF is protected with both passwords, so first one needs to open a document and second you need to make able to fill out the form the but you can’t change the first password anyhow but can edit if use some methods provided by us

We have found the most used and working methods for you which are effective and working



We used PDF files in our lives in a broad way and face this issues that the PDF files are secured with a security password. You can turn PDF into editable by applying the above-mentioned methods.

You can easily follow up these methods which are written it down to remove PDF passwords/restrictions so you can easily download the recommended software and enable PDF editing in your PDF.

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