How Can You Optimize Your Physical Health?

How Can You Optimize Your Physical Health?

A lot of people want to improve their physical health as well as other aspects of health. We love this as RDs. People are actively looking for guidance and assistance in establishing and maintaining healthy behaviours. But occasionally, it is simple to become lost in the specifics, the minutiae, or even fleeting trends (we’re looking at you, the keto diet).

Consequently, we are devoting this piece to a zoomed-out look at how people might improve their physical health. Let’s first define a few terms.

What is Health?

The World Health Organisation provides an often-cited definition of health.

Not just the absence of illness or disability, health is a condition of total physical, mental, and social well-being.

An individual in good physical health has body systems and functions operating effectively and supporting life. The state of one’s overall health, however, is multifaceted and affected by a plethora of elements. When compared to the next person, each person’s definition of optimal health will be unique. As we age and go through life, our definitions of optimal health may also change. We each have unique genetic profiles, environmental influences, stressors, lifestyles, schedules, and other things.

How Can You Optimize Your Physical Health?

Make proactive changes right away if you wish to benefit from optimal physical fitness in terms of your health.

Adopt the diet that is best for you.

Although each body is unique, the majority of them don’t react favourably to fad diets and weight-loss pills that seem too excellent to be true (because they probably are!).

Develop a healthy food plan that works for you and your lifestyle by identifying nutritional gaps.

Do a gut check on yourself.

A vital part of having ideal physical health is having a healthy digestive system. Each morning, everyone should have at least one easy, solid bowel movement. If not, your gut probably needs assistance.

Your sleep patterns, self-esteem, and even digestive disorders like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) can all have an impact on how well your gut functions. Pay attention to your gut and boost your microbiome.

Enhance your mood.

Your physical and mental well-being are interconnected. Adopt healthful behaviours that reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. This could involve regular exercise, outdoor time in the sun while strolling around Sloan’s Lake, breathwork or meditation, better sleep, sufficient water, and other things. Everything is related.

CoMBAT persistent stress.

Chronic stress might make the body more prone to inflammation. Your body was not designed to withstand constant pressure. While we cannot completely eliminate stress, we can surely alter how we view stress and identify key stressors.

For optimum health, managing stress is just as crucial as eating a balanced diet.

Maintain a hormone balance.

An unbalanced hormonal system can affect your digestion, make it difficult for you to maintain a healthy weight, and even cause high blood pressure. Your social health may suffer as a result.

An intelligent strategy for achieving optimal health takes into account how well-being is impacted by disorders like hypothyroidism (thyroid hormones), ongoing stress (cortisol), and general adrenal function.

Request support

Do not feel guilty seeking assistance. Denver’s functional health clinic for PrimeHealth can identify the obstacles on your path. Let’s say you’ve increased the amount of healthy fats in your diet, cut back on snacking, and increased your cardio by engaging in a regular workout regimen. Perhaps you’ve even begun taking vitamin D and other supplements on a regular basis.

However, you’re still not in the best of health.

Although lifestyle decisions play a significant role in that puzzle, our approach is evidence-based and comprehensive. We assess the overall health of your body.

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