Guest post: How the Greenland ice sheet fared in 2023

The Greenland ice sheet melt season 2023 is now over and it completes a 27th year in a row in which Greenland has lost ice. 

The 2022-23 year saw both very high melt, particularly in July, but also higher than usual rain and snowfall in the late spring and early summer. 

The increase in both melt and snowfall are exactly what scientists expect in a warming climate, and although they have tended to balance each other to some extent, Greenland has still ended up losing more ice than it gained. 

As in previous years, while very high temperatures hit North America and Europe this summer, Greenland in between was comparably cool and wet. However, this was not enough to stop Greenland losing ice.

make a difference’ after posting on X

An Airbnb host said guests flooded her San Francisco duplex and left her about $300,000 in debt.

Erika Gemzer posted a thread on X six months later, criticizing Airbnb for its compensation offer.

The post went viral, and Gemzer said Airbnb later offered her enough to “make a difference.”

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Six months after the Airbnb host Erika Gemzer’s duplex in San Francisco flooded, she took to social media to confront the vacation-rental company.

In a 30-post thread on X on October 19, Gemzer wrote about how her Airbnb guests flooded her property, leaving her “homeless” and more than $300,000 in debt — while she was pregnant.

Walter Suza guest column: God, how can it ever be OK for children to be killed?

Dear God,

I have struggled to write this column. If you ask: “Why?” I shall answer: “I feel sad and frustrated.”

I must be honest that I also fear being chastised. The “Israel-Hamas” war in Gaza has resulted in bitter confrontations in the United States. Hate for Jews and for Muslims is high. People’s First Amendment rights are being violated. College students are labeled radicals for protesting the war. Student protesters are being doxxed. Employers are rescinding job offers to “Palestinian sympathizers.”‘ A Palestinian-American Congress woman was censured for a social media post deemed antisemitic.

Please allow me to return to the war. I must admit, I will never know what it felt like to experience the war. I live in the United States safe and protected. All I see and hear about the war is through the media. But despite being far away from the war, what I have seen from afar leaves me no choice but to implore you to intervene. God, please save the children in the Middle East.

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