Gondola Single Double Sided Shelves Delaware

Know the types of Gondola shelving available for retails spaces

Gondolas are not associated with the boats you can see floating in the river of Venice, Italy. But these are the products specially designed for evading storage problems for retail stores. Simply put, these are the displaying solutions for retail merchandise that are used by many small and large retail spaces. Media Store Display is the prominent supplier of these display racks across Delaware. These racks are available in two important types for displaying the items such as single and double sided. So, let’s start with gondola single side shelves Delaware.

Single sided gondola – Perfect and affordable retail solution

As the name suggests itself, a single-sided gondola could be placed against the walls of your store. You can place them aside from the walls to create manageable space for your retail stuff. You can consider using gondola single side shelves in Delaware to place weights ranging from 40 to 100 kgs. However, making perfect use of these shelves can provide you with maximum space optimization for your store. Moreover, these shelves come with a wide range of accessories such as sign holders, shelf dividers, hooks, and brackets. Keep in mind to place heavy items on the below shelf and light items on the above shelf to prevent the falling of goods.

Double sided gondola – Best for improving aesthetic appeal

If you want to improve your storage space along with aesthetic appeal, you can go with gondola double sided shelves Delaware. These versatile shelves can be used to make maximum use of the center space of your retail store. If you have sidewall gondolas already installed, you can optimize more storage space with these display solutions. These racks can be displayed in the middle of the store to exhibit the store items on both sides. Thus, it will save more space for your goods and makes them look more appealing.

Place more weight on double sided gondolas

Gondola double sided shelves in Delaware could have a significant advantage over single side shelves. Besides allowing you for adding more products to your display, these shelves can also hold more weight. Both sides of shelves can be used to store goods with an average weight carrying capacity of 50 to 120 kgs. These shelves are ideal to use for multiple types of stores that deal in hardware items, electronics, supermarkets, and convenience stores.

How to use gondolas?

It solely depends on your specific display needs and how you place your retail goods. However, it is good to use these shelves in a way that makes your goods visually appealing. Therefore, even if you want to use Delaware gondola single side shelves for your store, they can serve your purpose to make appealing displays of merchandise. Also, you should keep in mind that your primary goal is to boost your sales and revenue. So, make a wise decision and make use of gondolas as per your specific requirements by ordering them from Media Store Display.

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