Get the look from Swarajshop and slay like Alia Bhatt in a saree.

The traditional attire of India has traditionally included sarees. Its style and design have changed throughout time, making it a stylish and chic costume that can be worn to any occasion, whether formal or casual. The bright and youthful Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt has long been regarded as a style icon by many. Many young ladies have been inspired by her elegant and carefree attitude to try new clothing, notably sarees. She has frequently been seen wearing saris on numerous occasions, and each time, she has easily pulled off the style. Alia has worn every type of saree, from vintage silk to modern designer, and does it with grace.

The appropriate saree

The fabric is the most important consideration while choosing a saree. Alia Bhatt has been photographed donning sarees made of a variety of materials, including cotton, silk, chiffon, and georgette. Every fabric has distinctive qualities, so you should pick one that works for both the event and your body shape. Silk sarees are the ideal attire if you are going to a fancy function or wedding. They have a variety of patterns and colours and are majestic and magnificent. Chiffon and georgette sarees are the best choices if you want something airy and flowing. They have a light and airy appearance and are ideal for the summer. Conversely, cotton sarees are ideal for everyday wear and informal situations.

The Swarajshop sarees radiate classic style and superior craftsmanship. Each saree is a unique work of art that is painstakingly weaved by knowledgeable craftsmen using age-old methods.

The company showcases a lovely assortment of handmade silk, cotton, and linen sarees as part of its celebration of the rich textile legacy of India. The sarees from the Swarajshop are evidence of the weavers’ skill and commitment.

Pick the appropriate drape.

The next step is to carefully drape the saree after choosing the cloth. Every time Alia Bhatt wears a saree, which she does flawlessly, she manages to look sophisticated and graceful.

You can experiment with a variety of draping techniques, such as the conventional Bengali style, Gujarati style, modern, and contemporary techniques. The front of a saree is pleated in the traditional Bengali manner, and the pallu is draped over the left shoulder. The saree is pleated at the rear and brought to the front over the right shoulder in the Gujarati fashion. The front of the saree is pleated in the current and contemporary manner, and the pallu is draped around the neck like a scarf. Pick a drapery style that works for both your body shape and the situation. Keep in mind to maintain crisp, clean pleats and make sure the pallu drapes smoothly. A georgette saree is your best option if you wish to experiment with various draping techniques.

At the Swarajshop, we provide Georgette Sarees in a variety of styles, patterns, and prints to suit different tastes.

Our georgette sarees come in a wide range of alternatives, whether you’re looking for classic themes, modern patterns, or elaborate embellishments. These sarees may be worn in a variety of ways, encouraging creativity and customization. Georgette sarees provide versatility in styling, whether it’s a traditional drape, a modern fusion style, or a chic unorthodox draping method. Different body shapes may wear georgette sarees because to their attractive drape. The fluidity of the fabric contributes to the slimming effect, making it a popular option for ladies of all shapes and sizes.

Select the Proper Blouse

As significant as the saree is the blouse. Your entire appearance may be made or broken by it. Alia Bhatt has been spotted donning sarees with various blouse styles, such as off-the-shoulder, crop tops, and high-neck blouses. It’s crucial to pick a blouse that matches your body shape and saree. Choose a shirt with a higher neckline and shorter sleeves if you are diminutive. Choose a shirt with a low neckline and long sleeves if you are curvaceous. An important factor in a saree’s overall aesthetics, fit, comfort, and personal style is the blouse’s design. A well picked blouse may accentuate the saree’s elegance and help you put together a cohesive look that looks good.

Good accessorising

The right accessories are essential to complete the saree appearance. Alia Bhatt frequently wears showy bangles, necklaces, and earrings with her sarees. Depending on the situation and your own preferences, you can choose jewellery made of gold, silver, or diamonds. Choose minimum jewellery if your saree is heavy; if it’s light, you may add a statement necklace or pair of earrings to the outfit to make it more stylish. In addition to jewellery, a chic clutch or potli bag can be used to finish the appearance. Alia Bhatt frequently accessorises her sarees with dramatic earrings, which gives the outfit more oomph. The Swarajshop jewellery line features excellent creations that highlight lovely antique components.

Play with colour and pattern.

Alia Bhatt is renowned for her unconventional sense of style, and she frequently experiments with various hues and patterns. You may follow her lead and experiment with hues and patterns that you normally wouldn’t wear. If you often wear pastel colours, for instance, you may experiment with a    strong and vibrant colour like red or hot pink. Similar to how you might try a saree with a floral or geometric motif if you typically wear solid colours. Make sure that your skin tone and body shape are complemented while playing with colours and designs. Additionally, when choosing the colour and print, keep the occasion in mind.

We think the Swarajshop Ikat Sarees are a lovely option if you want to play around with colour and designs. Ikat and patola sarees are a mesmerising blend of two traditional textile skills. These sarees are famous for their superb craftsmanship and colourful patterns and are from the Patan area of Gujarat, India. IkatPatolas are made using sophisticated resist- and tie-dyeing processes, which produce one-of-a-kind designs and motifs. The sarees have elaborate borders, striking colour combinations, and strong geometric patterns. Ikat Patola Sarees are prized relics that have been passed down through the centuries because of their remarkable quality and rich history. They are the pinnacle of Indian textile beauty and a monument to the craftsmanship and ingenuity of the artists who make them.

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