From Traditional to Trendy: Fashion Accessories Every Indian Needs

Fashion is not limited to clothes and extends to accessories. Your outfit looks incomplete without accessories, as they add more value to your overall look. You can buy a wide range of accessories with Myntra Coupons through Cashaly.

Today we will talk about ethnic accessories that every woman must have in her wardrobe. There are several fashion accessories for ethnic wear; however, we have curated the best for you that you must buy now. These accessories go with every traditional outfit and can save your day.

Keep reading the blog to learn more about trending Indian fashion accessories.

Elevate Your Style with Indian Fashion Accessories

Let us go through every accessory that you must include in your wardrobe and fashion list.


It all started with a red dot that is now available in various colours and looks great. A bindi has been the beauty and perfect jewellery for Indian women on her forehead. No matter what her age is, every woman, when wearing a bindi on her forehead, adds a bright beauty to her overall look.

It looks best with traditional wear like kurtis and sarees. There are two ways to wear a bindi: one is to use a naturally sourced red substance and form a liquid out of it that is used to draw and decorate the area between the eyebrows; the other is to use the ready-made stick-on bindi that is available in general stores or online as well.


What Jhumka? Yes, we are talking about the same jhumkas that add instant elegance to your appearance. Similarly, balis or many other earrings with a traditional look add an amazing upgrade to your overall attire.

You will find various western earring collections as well that look great on Indian attire; however, the traditional jhumkas are unbeatable. Be it a heavy lehenga or a simple kurti, jhumkas will make you shine and give you the perfect look.

Maang tikka

Another amazing accessory that you must have is a maang tikka. It is jewellery that women wear in the centre of their head. It is the perfect filler jewellery that completes your traditional look. It is mostly worn with heavy ethnic dresses like sarees, lehengas, or ethnic gowns.

Maang Tikka comes in various designs and patterns. You can get the single-string one or the one that has three strings, where the middle one goes in the centre of the head and the rest goes to the side of the hair line. Both look amazing with the complete set of jewellery that includes a necklace, earrings, bangles, and other accessories.


Dupattas have been an amazing accessory that completes your ethnic outfit. You can find fancy dupattas in different styles that you can pair with your suit, kurtas, or gowns easily. An embroidered dupatta can enhance the overall look of a sober outfit.

They are available in many fabrics and styles to make every traditional outfit look wonderful. In addition to the normal traditional dresses, you can also get beautiful dupattas for a bridal look. You can find shades of red for bridal embroidered dupattas.


Here comes another Indian accessory that is essential when you are dressed in a saree or suit. You don’t have to put on these bangles to fill your forearm, but you can only go with a pair as well. Depending on your outfit, you must decide how many bangles you have to wear.

Always match your bangles with your outfit in such a way that they stand out and look great. A single bangle in every arm looks as lovely as ten bangles in each arm. The only difference is that single bangles are available in wider and narrower widths in marvellous colours.


Jholas, or potli, is back in the trend of making your lehenga or any traditional attire look. They are very small little bags decorated with golden or colourful clothes. It adds more convenience to your attire, as you can carry your phone and some cash easily in these jholas.

In Jaipur, you can easily find jholas and potlis in markets with vibrant colours and attractive designs. Usually, we don’t have pockets in our ethnic attire to carry our essentials, and these little cute bags, or jholas, make it easy for us to keep our important things, like mobile phones, near us.


Anklets and payals in Hindi have been in Indian jewellery for thousands of years. They are worn around the ankle of the foot, which takes the look to the next level. Usually anklets have a ghungroo attached to them that makes a sound while you walk wearing them.

With upgraded fashion, anklets are now available in various different designs. Not everyone loves the ghungroo-styled anklets, and that’s why you can get yourself western-style anklets that look equally gorgeous on your ankles.

Kamar Bandh

Kamar Bandh, as the name suggests, is jewellery that is tied around the kamar, which is the waist. In English, we call it a waistband, and it looks amazing with a saree or lehenga. In earlier days, women used to wear it as a part of their whole srinagar, and it had its own significance.

In modern times, it is not so common to wear it daily. However, you will find women enjoying this beautiful jewellery at weddings. It is common jewellery that enhances the beauty of a South Indian bride and comes in various designs and patterns.

Toe rings / Bichiya

Toe rings are worn by married women and have their own significance in Hindu culture. Just like finger rings, toe rings are also a common accessory you will find Indian married women wearing in their daily lives. Usually, you will see silver toe rings in different designs available on the market.

Toe rings, or bichiya, are thought to bring good luck to newly married women in Hindu culture. However, there are also scientific reasons why it is important for a married woman to wear toe rings. For any reason or not, they are still perfect jewellery for your toes, giving you an elegant look.


Nose rings are the most common jewellery, just like earrings, which come in several designs and styles. As per Hindu tradition, women must do the nose piercing in the left nostril; however, women also go for the right nostril and middle part of the nose for piercing.

Nose rings are available in gold, silver, and artificial materials that you can easily get in a jewellery showroom. Bridal nose rings are also available in heavy and light weights that you can get as per your preference.


In this blog, we have discussed trending Indian fashion accessories. Every Indian accessory is available with Ajio Coupons through Cashaly at heavy discounts. These accessories are the best collection you can get for yourself, with a few more.

You can buy pendants, necklaces, and many similar pieces of Indian jewellery to complete your jewellery and accessories collection. Artificial accessories in jewellery are affordable and come in attractive designs and styles that you will love.

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