Farmtrac 45 Powermaxx

Farmtrac 45 Powermaxx Price – HP, Reviews

Farmtrac 45 Powermaxx, which is a 50HP tractor. It’s a powerful highly fuel-efficient engine, with 1850 rotations per minute. The lift is one of the outstanding advantages of this machine – it is a heavy-duty hydraulic lift, of 1800kg capacity, which helps the tractor efficiently handle more modern implements. The machine has large tires (6.5×16 and 14.9×28), as well as a PTO-driven MRPTO for various speeds suitable for different implements. Although the Farmtrac 45 Powermaxx has numerous outstanding attributes, it is mostly considered cheaply priced. In this regard, it is categorized as heavy-duty, which guarantees high-functioning strength, robustness, and features for increasing on-site job efficiency. The machine is also flexible for different farming operations, and it has a 5-year warranty and 500-hour service intervals. Farmtrac 45 Powermax is a good tractor for pulling, farm work, and general use. It provides considerable pulling capacity for implements like 7-foot rotavators, 13-tyne cultivators, threshers, heavy trolleys, and much more. Farmtrac 45 price in India ranges from Rs. 7.90 to Rs. 8.40 lakhs*

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