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Even while we love summer, there’s something unique about a winter vacation in Muskoka. The landscapes covered in snow take on a new character, the lake freezes over, and fauna becomes more visible. The well-liked cottage country abundantly provides a wide range of family-friendly wintertime activities. You can find comfort at Muskoka Resort in a tranquil winter getaway resort in Muskoka, even if you don’t think of yourself as a winter enthusiast. Enjoy the tranquilly and breathtaking scenery while cosy in your cabin, or take advantage of Muskoka’s many winter activities.

Muskoka offers an abundance of activities all year round! These are Muskoka’s MUST-DO activities, ranging from live entertainment to gastronomic pleasures, family attractions to outdoor excursions!

Let us see things to do in Muskoka.

A sanctuary for outdoor enthusiasts all year round, Muskoka offers breathtaking hiking routes, magnificent lakefront views, and unmatched natural beauty. Muskoka Resort offers it all, whether you’re looking for the serenity of a leisurely paddle on the river or the excitement of an exhilarating adventure. Experience the magic of this well-liked Muskoka location, where the open air beckons you at all times.

A vital component of Muskoka’s cultural legacy, art is deeply ingrained in the region’s culture. Muskoka has a plethora of distinctive art galleries, open-air art projects, and immersive cultural and historic museums, making it an artistic haven for everyone. Make time, then, to explore the artistic attractions of the area, such as Muskoka Arts and Crafts, Lake of Bays Art Loop, and Huntsville Festival of the Arts.

With a wide variety of options to fit every taste and budget, Muskoka is a shopper’s paradise. Muskoka is a one-stop shop for unique artisan things and luxury goods alike. Go to the various thrift and antique stores dotted across the area, or explore the quaint shops in the town’s downtown strip and peruse the local shopping options. There are plenty of locations to indulge in some shopping therapy, ranging from boutiques with a rustic vibe to larger stores.

Our championship golf course is Muskoka Bay Resort’s main draw, but we also provide a tonne of incredible year-round activities so you can fully experience the Luxury Muskoka Lifestyle. Take full advantage of your vacation and come discover Muskoka’s natural beauty. You will have an amazing stay filled with exciting activities with excellent efforts of the experience steam of HV Muskoka one of the preferred resorts in Muskoka. With all that serene location has to offer, including winter sports, lake swimming, and spa treatments, your vacation at Muskoka Resort is sure to be one you won’t soon forget. Enjoy the sheer fun-filled number of activities and things to do in a Muskoka.

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