Fakher hookah foils give better smoking experience

Do you want to enjoy fakher hookah foil, then we can help you with a different variety of foils. Our website has rich collection of fakher hookah foils. It gives you the mesmerizing feeling of smoking with the perfect flavor blend.

Why you choose fakher hookahfoils:

  • The flavors are made from 100% nicotine and a blend of pure herbs that gives you a premium smoking experience.
  • The flavor also comes in different fruit tastes; you can pick according to your preferences.
  • It is designed to make your Shisha smoking experience better by allowing you excellent air flow during the puffing.
  • It is also cut down the time you will spend to set up any other flavor.
  • It is made from premium-quality aluminum. It comes in different diameters, such as 4.5”-5.5” to apply to different kinds of hookah. It can easily adjust the puff and air flow too.
  • It makes your Sheesha flavor more pop up than others and it is a self-punched foil.
  • It comes in the packing of 50 pieces to make your smoking experience better and remain forever.


Why I need to use fakher hookah foil for smoking?

Fakher hookah foil is self-punched foil and make air flow and puff better for the smoking as well.

Can fakher hookah foil enhance the hookah falvours?

Yes, fakher hookah foil can enhance the hookah falvours with great air flow and puff as well and gives better smoking experience as well.

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