Everything You Need to Know About Stylish Leather Jackets

The garments industry around the world is evolving at a rapid rate, precisely due to the increasing demand in the consumer market. Over the years, it has seen steady growth with different fashion trends emerging and grabbing the attention of people. Today, the garments industry has evolved into multiple domains based on the different clothing sections and consumer needs per season.

From leather jackets to blazers, the varieties of warm and clothing are simply endless, in fact, it keeps on increasing from time to time. The usage of leather products such as leather jackets, gloves, caps and others always stays in demand during the winters, rightly due to their comfortable and warm wearing experience.

Leather jackets are one of those special winter attires that has always remained a top choice of the people from last many decades. Today, the leather manufacturing business has itself transformed into a bigger market that just keeps on growing with the passage of time.

Moreover, the introduction of different leather jacket types has also transformed its market into a bigger section of winter clothing. Right now, there are tons of leather jacket varieties available in the market and some of them are simply irresistible in terms of style and comfort. Let’s take a look at some of the most stylish leather jackets present in the market as of now and how it can elevate your fashion standards in the winters.

Five Leather Jackets That Are Unbeatable in Style

Here are the five leather jacket types you need to definitely know about.

Bomber Leather Jacket


Bomber leather jackets are non-arguably one of the most stylish and in-demand jackets in the market. Over the years, they have remained a popular choice for fashion enthusiasts and rightly so because of its alluring style and bold outlook.

According to a theory, the style of bomber jackets has originated from the pilots of World War I and II. Using their intrinsic outfitting style, few aspiring clothing brands introduced the concept of bomber jackets in the market, offering people a unique clothing option to embrace on during the winters.

Since then, the love and passion for bomber jackets have grown up like wild fire in the winter clothing market. In fact, it is still regarded as the most luxurious leather jacket in the world. Often worn by celebrities and other prominent personalities, bomber jackets has got a real bold style that is loved by all and stays perfect for fashion all the time.

Field Leather Jacket

Field jackets are precisely made for severe cold weather usage, and for those people that have got regular outdoor work during the winters. Moreover, it can be used for hiking, trekking and other outdoor adventures that you always love to embark on.

Its fabrication style is quite different from the conventional jackets, as it is smartly crafted for tough cold weather usage. It is quite long and thick as compared to other jackets and have got several buttoned pockets mostly crafted on the front.

Unlike bomber jacket that is a pure fashion article, field jackets are regarded as a much more specialized apparel for outdoor setups. Based on your requirements, field jackets can be manufactured with medium to tall collar, precisely to give you the protection from cold and breezing winds. 

Racer Leather Jacket

Racer jackets are much like bomber jackets, but are slightly more stylish and bold as compared to them. They are often called as biker jackets, because racers often wear them. Today, they are one of the most popular leather jackets during the winters, beating out the likes of other conventional jackets.

Their stunning fabrication style with zipper closure on the front makes them look highly modish among all the other leather jackets. Plus, they have got a very unique wide shirt style collar that particularly gives them an elusive look.

From youngsters to adults, these racer jackets are for everyone. These jackets give you a very good option to take them on with other apparels, like blank tees, high necks and more others. That is what makes them a real flawless winter product among all, as they can be worn with all casual outfits.

Flight Leather Jacket

Flight Jackets are also very much popular among the people due to their thick and classy fabrication style. They look very decent and stunning as they come with a unique shirt styled collar.

The jackets are also inspired from the classical attires of air force pilots, which is why they are precisely manufactured in the same manner. They look highly sturdy and audacious for the current fashion world and that is what many fashion enthusiasts like the most about them.

Unlike the other conventional leather jackets, flight jackets are especially manufactured from the sheepskin that gives it a highly distinctive look among all others. The artistic usage of sheepskin indeed makes these flight jackets as an iconic winter outfit, loved by all ages of people.

That is the main reason why these jackets are also bit warm than the other outfits, giving you a much cozy wearing experience during the winters.

Quilted Style Leather Jacket

Another fan favorite in the market, these jackets are famous due to their amazing quilted style. They are indeed a perfect fashion article for people who like to take on trendy winter attires with a flare of vogue.

From men to women, these quilted leather jackets are loved by all and are worn regularly in casual gatherings. Right now, many brands have started producing quilted jackets with an amalgam of biker style. That is kind of a new trend in the market that looks highly stylish as well as luxurious for dire fashion fanatics.

Final Note

Leather jackets will always remain a popular choice for people everywhere. Over the years, leather jackets have been regarded as the best winter product that is loved by both men and women.

We hope this blog would give you a clear perspective about some of the most popular leather jackets in the market. It will definitely give you perfect thought to finalize your shopping wardrobe according to your styling requirements with one of these leather jackets.

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