Everything You Need To Know About IPL Skin Treatment

The intense pulse light procedure, also called photo facial, is the most common way of improving the texture and colour of your skin for those people who want to get rid of scars, signs of aging, unwanted hair, spider veins, and other imperfections without having surgery. IPL skin treatment Lancaster is quite similar to laser procedures, but the difference is that laser treatment provides only one wavelength of light. In contrast, IPL skin treatment offers a multitude of wavelengths. IPL skin treatment takes a shorter time to treat a larger skin area. Let’s explore IPL skin treatment, how it works, and what you can expect from this procedure.

What is IPL skin treatment?

Intense Pulse light is a powerful tool for skin rejuvenation, hair removal and the overall improvement of skin damage. It can significantly impact the damage visible on the skin, mainly if it is caused by sun exposure. This type of damage, called photoaging, is mainly located on the neck, chest, and hands. IPL therapy uses lights to accurately target and remove pigments from the skin or damaged patches and hair follicles. A handheld device by trained professionals targets different areas and shoots lights at the damaged skin portions. The light functions as a heater for the skin cells; in that way, it breaks the cells down, and our body removes the tissue that is damaged on its own.

Why Do people use IPL skin treatment?

IPL can be used for a wide variety of different issues:
• Birthmarks
• Acne Scars
• Redness of the face
• Hyperpigmentation
• Age spots
• Spider veins
• Brown skin patches
• Wrinkles
• Unwanted hair
• Unwanted tattoos

When the skin tone gets more even, the person might look much younger, so IPL therapy is seen as a rejuvenation tactic.

Preparation and procedure

To prepare for the treatment, it is advised to avoid putting on perfumes, skin foundations and makeups, or any scented products that can irritate skin and cause skin infection. When you arrive at your scheduled appointment, the medical professional will give you the necessary information and start the treatment. They will first apply a gel on the clean skin, give a pair of dark glasses for eye protection and begin with the intense pulse light therapy. The session usually lasts up to 30 min, while larger areas can take up to an hour or longer. Some people might feel a burning sensation or string similar to rubber band snaps, but that does not last long. If you cannot take the pain, share it with your medical professional beforehand, and they can give you cream to numb the skin on the area you want to treat.

Recovery from IPL

A few hours after the treatment, you might feel like the treated area was sunburned. But icing it and applying a cold washcloth will help ease the discomfort. The skin can be bruised or red for a few days but should go away quickly after treatment.

There are some do and don’t after IPL skin treatment:

• Use a moisturizing lotion
• Dont use makeup on the areas that still hurt
• Use Sunscreen every day
• Use a sensitive skin cleanser when cleaning your face

In Conclusion, IPL treatment is very effective; regardless of how many treatments you need, positive results are almost guaranteed. Semaglutide weight loss Lancaster is the ultimate solution for reducing belly fat. IPL skin treatment can help improve skin imperfections, allowing for less makeup and more clothing options.

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