Double Buckle Grips: Unleashing Your Potential in the Gym and Beyond

Double Buckle Gymnastics Grip

Gymnasts who need dowel grips but possess hands that are too small for standard versions will find this narrower and smaller option more comfortable to break in quickly.

Remember when using grips, they should be properly loaded so that the strap around your wrist actually does something for your hand and not simply sitting there doing nothing.


These grips are constructed of sturdy and resilient leather to withstand the stresses associated with bar and swinging routines, fitting comfortably on hands without any discomfort and providing a good grip on bars without discomfort. Furthermore, double buckle bar grips design on each wrist strap ensures they stay securely on hands; this protects from potential injuries and enhances workout enjoyment. The package also comes equipped with two neoprene wristbands to aid fitting as well as absorb sweat; all available sizes ensure perfect fits!

These grips can be secured to the wrist via either buckles or velcro closures; with buckles providing more security and lasting longer; however, this method may take longer and be difficult for young gymnasts.

This grip features a double buckle design and features a small dowel that is glued and sewn into leather to increase durability, as well as being curved for comfortable fit and reduced likelihood of rips or tears. If you want to improve your performance on the bars, this grip may help provide unique wrist stability while decreasing hand fatigue; additionally it’s designed to prevent blisters by providing an barrier between palms and rings. It is highly recommended for beginners as well.


Double buckle grips offer much safer alternatives to velcro grips as they won’t come off when your hand slips off, providing additional wrist support and keeping your hand closer to the bar for improved contact. Furthermore, these soft and comfortable grips have been specifically designed to fit wrists well; their palm area is narrower than usual to prevent finger injury, plus come complete with white cotton bands and a drawstring grip bag for safe storage.

Reisport Ladies Grips for Uneven Bars feature a double buckle closure and two finger holes, along with a small rubber dowel glued and sewn (not tied!) into them. Worn on the first knuckle of both middle fingers, these unique leather grips offer superior longevity and safety on the market.

To size the grips properly, measure from the base of your palm to the tip of your longest finger and take this measurement into account when ordering. If any questions arise regarding this step, feel free to reach out – we always love helping our customers! Also remember to purchase two sets; usually as your skill level increases and training hours increase, grips may need replacing sooner than expected.


These double buckle grips are extremely comfortable to wear and more durable than some cheaper options on the market, meaning that they should last longer before needing replacing.

These unique velcro grips feature a double leather cuff to protect athletes’ wrists from digging in too deeply when worn, unlike most standard velcro grips which tend to dig into their wrists when used. This feature is important given that a large amount of pressure (body weight x gravity x centrifugal force) is exerted when the grips are used and some of that stress is distributed to wrist area where skin may otherwise rub against leather strap/buckle surfaces and rub raw.

These grips are made of soft leather with double buckle wrist support and an attached rubber dowel for increased hand contact with the bar. Their finger holes are slightly narrower than standard grips for added comfort and better hand contact.

These grips are an ideal option for beginners looking to get acquainted with bar training as well as those with smaller hands. Furthermore, these durable options are great for anyone experiencing frequent rips and scratches on their other grips and ready for something more reliable. To size these grips properly, take measurements from the base of the palm to the tip of the longest finger.


Double buckle grips offer extra support to the wrist area, making them particularly beneficial for beginners learning to grip the bar, but are also comfortable and useful for experienced gymnasts as they provide additional cushion against it.

Every gymnast should own at least two of these grips, particularly those who spend significant amounts of time on the uneven bar. A backup pair is also highly recommended in case your current ones become worn-out; when your grips feel slippery on the bar or start showing signs of wear such as tears or holes it is time for new ones.

Women’s Reisport uneven bar grips feature a double buckle wristband stitched at an angled stitch line, two finger holes and an extra durable rubber dowel glued and sewn directly into them – this special process makes these grips far outlive traditional rubber grips!

To properly size these grips, take measurements from the base of your palm to the tip of your longest finger and order your size based on that measurement. If unsure, consult with your coach regarding what would work best for you and keep in mind that the double buckle closure provides slightly looser fit than single buckle closure options.

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