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Difference Between Makeup Artists, Cosmetologists

People who are passionate about beauty must have heard these terms, such as makeup artists and cosmetologists. However, many people make the mistake of using these terms referring to the same job. In order to know specifically which path in the field of beauty suits you and brings out the best in you, it is important to first understand how these terms are divergent, which would eventually help you choose whether you need to opt for Makeup Courses In Vizag or Cosmetology Courses In Visakhapatnam

Job description

It may be true that different beauty professionals might require skills that are similar to each other, but that does not precisely mean that they are doing the same job. 

Makeup artist

A makeup artist uses cosmetics to restyle the look of the face. Generally, the role of a makeup artist is to enhance and emphasise the beauty of the client, but that is not all a makeup artist is limited to. There are various forms of makeup artistry depending on the need and the look of the makeup. Makeup artists also perform their artistry to create an intentionally unpleasant look by using prosthetics and adhesive products. It typically depends upon the requirement of the job what kind of look or makeup would be needed. The key focus of a makeup artist is to alter the appearance of the face rather than the whole body. 


The skills of a cosmetologist do align with those of a makeup artist, but a cosmetologist offers several other services, including makeup. The services include hairstyling, skincare, and nail care. Unlike a makeup artist, a cosmetologist focuses on enhancing the beauty of the whole body. While some cosmetologists give you a manicure and pedicure, some might only provide you with a service associated with one area.

Workplace and Routine. Cosmetologist vs Makeup Artist

The workplace of these professions can be the same, but the duties would differ.

Makeup artist

The workplace for makeup artists is not confined to just one location. They work in a wide range of workplaces as a freelancer, such as weddings, proms or photo shoots, the fashion industry, and fashion shows. Some makeup artists work on cosmetic counters as makeup experts and advisers, while some work in production or television companies, and if the make-up artist is very experienced, they might even start running their own business. However, the salary of this profession is low unless they manage to enter the fashion or film industry, which can get them some big bucks. 


Places like spas, salons and health clubs are where cosmetologists work primarily. They can also work in hotels and resorts providing full service or a specific service they specialise in. The pay of a cosmetologist is usually higher than that of a makeup artist unless a makeup artist works in the fashion or television industry. 

Licensing for Makeup Artists and Cosmetology

Makeup artist

It depends on place to place the requirement for a licence for a makeup artist. For basic makeup services, you might not need a certified licence, but for some places, you might need to provide a few requirements set up by your local licensing board that can be a test to make sure that you have the skills and experience or the number of hours of training you might need to complete yo work as a makeup artist. 


For a cosmetologist, it is mandatory to have a licence at almost all places as their services deal directly with the skin, hair, and nails of a client and not just cosmetics. 

These are some of the key differences that differentiate a cosmetologist and a makeup artist from each other.

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