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All About NDIS Physiotherapy

NDIS physiotherapy services are provided to patients either suffering from muscle strain, chronic pain, recovering from a stroke, or rehabilitating from surgery. A wide range of therapeutic services is available for every NDIS participant to help them improve themselves and perform better in daily activities. For example, the support of physiotherapists in North Adelaide can improve language skills, communication skills, personal care, hygiene, movement, and community relationships. 

About NDIS 

The NDIS, or the National Disability Insurance Scheme, is a scheme to provide individual support to people living with disabilities in a new way. The NDIS makes sure to empower individuals and their families to seek services and equipment to achieve their goals. Through NDIS, patients get the proper treatment they need. 

The Australian government funded the National Disability Insurance Scheme after associating with every state and territory. The programme came into force in 2016 in Australia. The National Disability Insurance Scheme provides access to health, education, housing, and community services and NDIS physiotherapy services to the disabled. The primary motive of this movement is to assist the disabled in their journey toward independence so that they can have more control over various aspects and pursue their goals. 

The National Disability Insurance Scheme offers the following facilities for daily activities to the disabled. 

  • Therapeutic Support
  • Transport
  • Vehicles 

Conditions Treated under NDIS Physiotherapy:

NDIS Physiotherapy includes various conditions such as amputations or other similar physical disabilities, genetic conditions, cerebral palsy, autism spectrum disorder, multiple sclerosis, critical neurological conditions, motor neuron disease, injuries in the spinal cord, injuries in the brain, and other chromosomal disorders. Trained physiotherapists in North Adelaide provide people living with disabilities with assistance during therapeutic exercise, advise them on how they can manage their condition in the best possible way, and also provide them with mobility aids. 

How is NDIS Physiotherapy helpful? 

The major aim of NDIS physiotherapy is to improve movement and mobility and provide funding for people who require this as a part of their daily lifestyle. Physiotherapists help people with joint and muscle strength. During the initial stages, the physiotherapist observes and examines the person’s muscle tone, strength, posture, and movement. According to the examination report, they draft a therapy plan so that the person living with a disability can achieve all their specific goals with the aid of special equipment. The participants are provided with ongoing care, and their plan is implemented to help them make the best of it. 


This was all about NDIS physiotherapy. It is indeed a great approach by the Australian government to help disabled people. By making NDIS physiotherapy services available, the government is bringing a positive change in the lives of differently-abled people.

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