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Alfa Chemistry Introduces Polyquaternium for Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Industry

Emerged as a supplier of quaternary ammonium compounds (QACs), Alfa Chemistry has previously released halide quaternary ammonium salt and acid radical quaternary ammonium salts, and aimed to further enrich its portfolio, the company recently introduces a new polyquaternium product line for customers who are engaged in the cosmetics and personal care products industry.


Polyquaternium is a neologism used to emphasize the presence of quaternary ammonium centers in the polymer. Being positively charged, polyquaterniums are capable to neutralize the negative charges of most shampoos and hair proteins and help hair lie flat. As a result, polyquaterniums have found particular application in a wide range of hair products such as conditioners, shampoo, hair mousse, hair spray, and hair dye as well as other personal care products such as personal lubricant and contact lens solutions.


International Nomenclature for Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI) has approved at least 40 different polymers under the polyquaternium designation. Alfa Chemistry offers various of polyquaterniums, including polyquaternium-51 (cas 125275-25-4), polyquaternium-28 (cas 131954-48-8), polyquaternium-47 (cas 197969-51-0), polyquaternium-39 (cas 25136-75-8), polyquaternium-6 (cas 26062-79-3), polyquaternium-37 (cas 26161-33-1), polyquaternium-7 (cas 26590-05-6), polyquaternium-11 (cas 53633-54-8), polyquaternium-22 (cas 53694-17-0), polyquaternium-1 (cas 68518-54-7), polyquaternium-10 (cas 68610-92-4), polyquaternium-4 (cas 92183-41-0), and polyquaternium-16 (cas 95144-24-4).


It should be noted not all the polyquaterniums approved by INCI can be used in the hair care industry, but the following are suitable.



Having excellent combability, holding, gloss and antistat properties, polyquaternium-4, the cellulosic polymer substantive to skin and hair, exhibits outstanding properties in hair care products.



Polyquaternium-7 is an organic compound in the polyquaternium class of chemicals and is used in a wide variety of products including shampoos, hair conditioners and other hair products, bath soaps and cleansing products.



Polyquaternium-10 can reduce static electricity, and enhances the appearance and feel of hair.


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After business expansion, Alfa Chemistry has extended its product offering to a wider collection of chemicals and materials. Quaternary ammonium compounds (QACs) are one of these popular chemicals with great market demand, especially in the current difficult times with the outbreak of pandemic. U.S. EPA recommends the use of disinfectants to inactivate the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) virus. Matter-of-factly, QACs are active ingredients in over 200 disinfectants. Continuing to be a reliable source for its partners in either the research or industry circle, the efficient sales team and high-profile R&D staffs at Alfa Chemistry aim to help more and more customers to solve their research problems and to provide them better raw materials for production.

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