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Studying abroad is a dream of Indian students. However, achieving this can not be possible for each scholar. And guess what? The prime reason behind this is the higher tuition fees and cost of living abroad. Thus. Planning before making a mind to study abroad is essential for scholars. In such a case, overseas education consultants Kolkata must be helpful. It is because they have a reputation for helping students for years. In such cases, this will be useful for scholars to ease the further path to the dream of studying abroad. Read the next sections to know the types and how to increase the chances of securing financial aid.

Scholarship Types for Studying Abroad

If you want to go abroad and not have enough funds, the first thing to know is the type of scholarships. This knowledge and knowing which one suits you is a must. To make the path easier, this section will provide the details on the kind of financial aid for abroad. The following are some common types which students can avail as per their needs and eligibility.

Scholarships for Academic Excellence

Several financial aid programs are provided to students who are toppers in their past academics. Several universities offer such aid to scholars who can complete their studies with brilliant scores. Thus, pursuing higher education from the desired college can be valuable.

Scholarships for Research Achievements

If you are into the research or sports field, it can be valuable for you to rely on this type. Also, if you have athletics and other categories of achievements, you can apply for this. It will increase your chances of securing financial aid. Eventually, you can handle the expenses for the journey. Thus, it will be valuable to apply for this scholarship when you fall into this category, as there is low competition in this category.

Scholarships for Students with Low Incomes

This type of financial aid is for scholars who have low income and such backgrounds. Thus, if you fall into this category, then it is valuable to apply for this aid. Also, these scholarships support students who can not afford the higher expenses but have a strong background. Thus, it will be valuable to increase the chances by taking help from overseas education consultants Kolkata. It is beneficial to secure financial aid with their assistance.

Scholarships for All International Students

There is another type of scholarship that is available for all international students. For this category, everyone can submit their application. With it, they also have to work on SOP and submit the application. Thus, based on the application form, the college admission committee will review your application and select the most suitable candidates for financial aid.

Scholarships for Underrepresented Groups

This type of scholarship is for the underrepresented groups, which are from developing countries. Also, such scholarships have the aim to encourage students to study abroad studies. So, it will be valuable for scholars to avail of the scholarships and ease the further journey. Or they can rely on study abroad agencies in Kolkata to dodge the situation and increase their chances.

Students can avail of These types of scholarships to go abroad for their higher studies. Also, this makes their path easier for further journey and handles expenses by securing one financial aid. Now, read the next section to know how to increase the chances of securing a scholarship.

How to Increase the Chances to Secure a Scholarship?

Once you decide to go abroad, it is beneficial for you to select the university and nation after clearing this in your mind. The next thing you have to do is find out the necessary amount that you must have to accept your application. Thus, if you do not have funds, you should apply for the scholarships. In such a case, it is valuable for you to read the below pointers to know how you can increase your chances of securing a scholarship.

Understand the Scholarship Process

First, when you want to apply for a scholarship, you must understand the process. In this case, the overseas education consultants Kolkata can help you out. In the below section, you will find out the elements that will make your scholarship process much faster.

Read the Requirement

The first and foremost thing is to review the requirements that a scholarship demands from a student. Each one has its own set of criteria which you must strictly follow. Unable to maintain the guidelines given by a certain university or scholarship provider can reject your application. So it’s better to carefully jot them down and get your application approved in one go.

Fill Out for Different Scholarships

Even if you have found a perfect scholarship program for yourself, you must fill out for other programs, too. This is to safeguard yourself from getting bound in the future. Just in case you have not got the application through for your previous scholarship program. You can at least have a backup for the same. Having a plan B is only going to support you in your future in the worst-case scenario.

Create a Better SOP

SOP is vital to a visa or admission approval to study abroad. Students who have their Statement of Purpose clear and concise will have fewer issues than others. It is a paper that will help the authorities understand why you apply for a certain university and why you deserve it. It specifies the needs and benefits both parties can expect from your admission and application approval.

Do Not Wait Until the Last Minute

Several students, especially those with family members living or studying abroad, wait until the last minute to apply for a scholarship. It is because they feel that they know the process and will not have issues as they have done before. But, to protect yourself from future regrets, starting the process and safeguarding your financial plans as soon as possible is better.

Being a student, having a life in your dream country, or having a university education is always a dream. However, one thing is for sure: if you follow the process and keep up with the requirements. You will be able to secure a perfect scholarship for yourself. It is always a rational decision not to risk your career and dreams for something not worth it. Rather, it’s better to keep your plans perfect and approach an overseas education consultants Kolkata who can guarantee you the scholarship you want.


Higher tuition fees are a prime reason why many students take their steps. It is because they do not have such knowledge that can help them. Knowing the different financial aid which can be valuable for them is a plus one. Also, doing this allows them to easily manage the study expenses and other costs of abroad. However, a lack of knowledge leads them to seek help from study abroad agencies in Kolkata. Also, this can be helpful for them to ease the journey to the desired college. If you are also dreaming of going abroad, but do not have knowledge about the scholarships, then this page will be helpful to know about the same. Also, it will be useful to make the further path simple to handle the cost of living.

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