A traditional paella has ingredients such as chicken

Paella is a dish that brings together a range of different cultures, foods and spices. It is a rich, Spanish seafood stew. The rice in this dish serves two purposes: as the base of the meal, and as a carrier of flavor. Paella has its origins in the Mediterranean region of Spain and Portugal.

A traditional paella has ingredients such as chicken, fish and meat in addition to rice. There is no specific set recipe for a good paella. In some paella recipes, olive oil is Paella corporate catering used instead of butter. Other ingredients can include shellfish, chicken or rabbit.

For example, paella with rabbit and white beans is called caldo verde. Traditional ingredients include tomatoes, saffron, chorizo, garlic, salt, pepper, and herbs. Most modern recipes use chicken and vegetables. You can choose what type of ingredients you would like to include.

Ingredients can include vegetables, meat, seafood, and grains. Paella is often served on special occasions, including holidays and festive occasions. Paella is popular during Easter.

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