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5 Ways to Prevent Tearing During Childbirth

Vaginal tears during childbirth, also known as perineal lacerations or tears  may occur when the baby’s head enters the vaginal opening causing the vagina to expand Tears can range in severity from just harming the skin around the vagina to involving the anal sphincter (third- and fourth-degree tears).

Here are few ways that might decrease the risk of severe tears:

Perineal massage: In the weeks leading up to birth, regular perineal massage can assist strengthen the elasticity of the perineal tissue.

Controlled pushing: During the second stage of labor, using controlled, moderate pushing techniques can lessen the likelihood of serious tearing.

Warm compresses: During labor, having your midwife or doula apply warm compresses to the perineum can help relax the tissue and reduce the chance of tearing.

Position changes: Squatting or using a birthing bar during labor helps improve the baby’s descent and lessen the chance of serious tearing.

Note* Before trying anything, do consult with your healthcare professional. 

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