4 Effective Ways to Stick To The Word Count of Your Essay

4 Effective Ways to Stick To The Word Count of Your Essay

You have to think a lot while writing a college essay, like writing it well, brainstorming a topic, proofreading, and editing it until you feel satisfied with your work. And the last but not least way is to stick to the word count of your essay. Keeping your essay concise can take time and effort.

The most agonizing part of writing an essay is cutting down some words, sentences, or even paragraphs to meet the required word limit. If you need help to count the word count in your essay, harness the help of the free word count checker tool. If you do so, you can keep your essay’s word count within the given limit. Now, let’s see 4 effective ways to stick to the word count of your essay.

  1. Focus On Your Title

The best essays are usually zoomed in on a particular topic. For example, you may write about a certain moment or event that extremely influenced you or any recent aspect of your life. When you are writing on a specific topic, you can give details that are unique about you or your experiences, creating an essay that no one else could craft.

Additionally, you can tell your points in concise sentences, which will help you stick to your word count. Also, try out the word counter online free tool to check whether your essay is within the limit accurately.

  1. Outline First, Then Write

Now that you are almost ready to write an essay, the most powerful strategy that will help you stick to the word limit is by creating an outline or a plan. So, create an outline before you start writing your essay. If you have a strategy, you are less likely to exceed your word count or page limit.

While you create an outline for your essay, plan a narrative:

  • What is the starting, intermediate, and ending point of the essay you are writing?
  • What is the subject of your essay?
  • What did you learn in the context of your essay?

Having a concise, clear, and focused thesis for your essay might help you convey your thoughts without having to exceed the word count.

  1. Keep a Concise Introduction

The most essential part of writing an essay is the body of the content. That means your introduction does not have to be long. So, it is important to save your words for the body of the essay, where your readers will spend most of their time.

An effective introduction needs to be interesting, engaging, and brief. It offers a preview or a glimpse into what you will discuss. Generally, a good introduction requires 3 key sections.

  • Hook (an interesting line that engages and attracts the reader immediately).
  • Required background information (necessary details).
  • Thematic or thesis statement (a clear statement summarizing the overall context).
  1. Eliminate Repetition

Check if you have added any repetitive phrases or words. Go through whether any of your phrases mean the same thing. Proofread your essay yourself to make sure there are no repeated words. If so, then try to cut it short.

If any two of your sentences mean the same thing, and you feel cutting it off will not change the context of your essay, then it is totally safe to delete them. Focus on the important stuff. If it looks like you are exceeding the word count, check out the Free word counter online tool, where you can copy-paste your essay. So that you can check if you have crossed your word limit rapidly.

Summing It Up

There you go! Hopefully, you have come to understand 4 effective ways to stick to the word count of your essay. Using these ways, you can make your essay more powerful and engaging while keeping it within the word limit. Not only can you stick to your word count, but also you can write a concise and clear essay.

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