Useful Car Gadgets Under 500

3 Inexpensive Yet Useful Car Gadgets Under 500

A good driving experience offers you a seamless ride without hassle. Moreover, many gadgets are there to help make the drive more comfortable. There may arise situations which might seem like a challenge. So, curb that challenge; you can invest in affordable car gadgets under 500.

What Kind of Accessories Shall You Buy?

You can find cleaning and detailing products under a budget if you are looking for cleaning and detailing products. You would car detailing products cost a lot. But there are many products like the best car accessories under 1000 in India. Some accessories are the grit guard, tyre polish, and grit guard. So, what are the accessories that you should buy?

Some of the accessories you can find in the category of the best car accessories under 2000 in India are the foot pump, tyre gauge, and AC to DC converter. All these have unique functions. The foot pump helps inflate the deflated tyres, while the AC to DC converter helps convert power and fulfil all your power requirements. 

Top 3 Car Gadgets Under 500

1. Smartphone Charger

The smartphone charger is one of the car gadgets under 500 that you can use while on the road. Never worry about running out of phone batteries while in the middle of the road. The smartphone charger is travel-sized and will easily fit in your travel bag or the storage unit in the front of your car cabin.  

Along with the charger, you get a universal USB connector. It will connect all types of phones. You do not have to get a new charger for every phone. You can charge your phone very easily as you drive. These chargers also allow really fast charging. Isn’t that what everyone wishes for with their charger? 

This accessory lets you have a fully charged phone in a few minutes. You can play music, take calls or follow maps on your phone since it is fully charged. Since the charger is universal, you need not worry about the kind of phone model you have. Everything is compatible. 

The best part is that you can charge multiple phones simultaneously.  Do not keep the charger on when you are not using it. It saves fuel, does not allow the charger to drag in too much energy, and makes your car less efficient.

Precautions for Using Smartphone Chargers in Car

  • When you are not using your charger, unplug it. Or else it might drain the car battery.
  • Do not leave the charger plugged in when you are not charging the phone
  • Ensure that the charger has a battery drainage safety feature so that it does not affect your car’s battery

2. Cigarette Lighter

The second gadget on the list of car gadgets under 500 is the cigarette lighter. You can buy a cigarette lighter if you enjoy a professional smoking break while driving. The pocket cigarette lighter is very compact. The lighter can withstand a lot of heat. 

You can easily keep this tool on the car’s dashboard. It will stay there perfectly. Also, it is the perfect accessory that fits your budget. You can get modern cigarette lighters that come with a USB adapter. You can charge them while you drive. They are very convenient.  

Precautions for Using Cigarette Lighter in Car

Of course, it is common knowledge that you must not smoke in the car. You can step outside after parking your car and then take the smoke. So, when you are using the cigarette lighter from the list of car gadgets under 500, there are some precautions that you must follow. 

First, the cigarette lighter comes with a USB. You can connect it to the car portals. You can connect your other loose wires and USBs to it and use the lighter. The lighter can help you connect the connecting wire to a device, phone, or battery. It is multi-purpose. 

3. Car Polish Paste with Microfiber Cloth and Foam Applicator

Car polish is the last gadget in the list of car gadgets under 500. Polish is usually the last step in remodelling or refining the car body surface. These polishes come in liquid form and get used for “corrective work” on the paint job. All they do is enhance the look of the car. 

The car polish will remove the stains on your wheels. It is essential for your tyre care, as the tyres should be clean before the wax goes on. You can use mild solvents to clean the tyres. It will bring out a shine and provides short-term surface protection.

Precautions for Using Car Polish

Avoid using too much polish, as it becomes difficult to clean off the product. Build on it as you go. Always use a microfiber cloth to apply for an even and smooth application.

End Note 

Always use the best products and car gadgets under 500 from, as they are of high-grade and professional quality.

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