Tool and Resource Guide for SEO

According to the following guide, it is important to choose the right SEO course in Surat.

Guide for SEO

1. Keyword Tools for Research

Keyword research is vital to any SEO strategy because it reveals the position you are in for certain keyword phrases, which ones are easiest to be found for as well as the keywords that are currently being employed by your competitors. Instead of relying on guesswork assumptions about what your targeted users might be looking for on the internet Use tools for keyword research to gather this information with certainty.

There are tools available such as Semrush, Google Keyword Planner, and KWFinder to analyze keywords and research.

2. Google Analytics

It’s a useful tool that can be used to figure out the pages of your website that aren’t performing optimally. Google Analytics (GA) provides different metrics that you can utilize to measure and improve the performance of your website. For instance, you could measure your Return on Investment and gain insight into your customers’ preferences through GA.

3. Yoast

The most effective SEO plug-in for WordPress. It regulates technical SEO, assists you in improving the essential features on your website analyzes the quality of your content creates custom site structure, and checks for broken links

4. Test Tool for Structured Data

It is a mirror of the way Google interprets the schema of your web page. It is a validator for any of the Google services that are based upon structured information. It offers markup support for JSON-LD syntax, particularly in dynamic web pages. After you’ve defined an appropriate schema, you can make use of this tool to verify the accuracy of your schema.

5. Google Search Console

It determines precisely how Google interprets your website’s content, gathers information regarding links, analyzes the data from links, and provides insights into the performance of your website within Google result pages.

By using its reports, you’ll be able to monitor your website’s search engine performance and crawling issues, as well as errors and even warnings.

6. Test Tool for Mobile Devices

Your website’s design, host, and structure must work on any mobile device. The test tool ensures that your site’s design and structure are designed to be responsive for scrolling and navigation on tablets and smartphones. It aids you in ensuring the accessibility of your website to mobile devices and also provides a list of all the problems that require correction.

7. PageSpeed Insights (PSI)

PSI provides information about the quality of a website’s rendering on different devices and provides ways to improve the user experience. It provides both field and laboratory information on a particular page. Because lab data is collected under rigorous conditions, it is much easier to determine the cause of any performance problems.

8. Lighthouse

Lighthouse is a complete tool for testing that is integrated with Google Chrome and provides insight into the technical SEO features available for mobile devices as well as usability. It is possible to gain instant accessibility to the feature by incorporating an extension that is simple to Chrome.

9. Yext

With Yext the user can enjoy simple as well as seamless access to one of the biggest data aggregators. It is now possible to upload or edit information about your company and have it automatically delivered to directories that are not in use and also update the information to the most relevant directories.


Although the real estate market is extremely competitive, you have an opportunity to get ahead of and beat your competition. If you implement these SEO strategies, you will easily beat your competitors within the industry.

The right SEO method can permit you to compete with the biggest players in the field. To avoid making a rookie mistake, seeking out advice from using an expert SEO service could be the best option.

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