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How to recover Outlook PST Password – A Complete Guide

Security is one such thing that is essential for everyone, no matter if the information is for professional use or personal use. People worldwide use Outlook to store their necessary information so they can share or transfer it anytime and anywhere. Most users keep their data protected with a password, which is mandatory for any reason. Sometimes users forget their password and are keen to recover it with the Outlook PST password recovery technique. 

Hence, users look for ways to proceed with the task of recovering their passwords hastily. Forgetting passwords is a common issue user’s face, as they save a lot of data in it. Memorizing the password of every file or data is becoming difficult for users these days. Consequently, users look for an option where users can recover or reset their password. Most of the time, users need clarification about what to do next in such a situation, and then they start looking for a solution to recover the PST password quickly.

What are the different approaches to recovering Outlook passwords?

Now that users are in the habit of forgetting their passwords, as already mentioned, that is ordinary at the present time. So having a solution for users to recover, remove or set their password is a boon for users. Now users need clarification about which method they should opt for and which is more reliable.

There are two ways to conduct the PST password recovery procedure. The process can begin either manually or with a third-party tool. It is up to the users which method they prefer. We will share the working of both approaches to make it simple for the users.

Recover PST password with the manual approach.

If users opt for a manual method, they must have technical knowledge about it and understand the technicalities that come their way during the process. The process is difficult for users, especially those who have just begun using Outlook. It is a time-consuming process users have to wait for hours to finish the task. Below is the step-by-step work of the entire job. Check it out.

  • First, close Outlook and copy the item or file whose password you want to recover.
  • After that, run the Scanpst.exe in the Outlook directory and repair the PST copy.
  • Once you have repaired the PST file, copy it and move it to pst19upg.exe.
  • Later on, next Window, click on Window + R, type CND, and click on enter button.
  • After that, you are supposed to enter the pst19upg.exe. In addition, tap on enter option.
  • The new Window will open before you where you have to enter the “pst19upg.exe-x pstCopy.pst” and hit the enter option. After that, a new Pstcopy.PSX will generate.
  • After that, users can give a new name to the original PST file.
  • Post that, enter the “pst19upg.exe -i PstCopy.psx in CMD, and hit the enter button.
  • Now a new PST file will be generated, and for this new PST file, there will be no password.
  • Users can recover their Outlook PST password successfully by following the above-cited steps.

PST Password recovery with a professional tool

A new technique to recover PST password has been launched as time passes. To begin with, the process, this professional approach has grabbed all the users’ attention. Now all the users want the professional third-party tool only to conduct the task because it is stress-free. 

Using the manual method has become hectic for users; therefore, everyone is switching to the automated process. Countless tools are available for users online when they have started searching for the tool. Nevertheless, we will suggest one of the reliable tools to users, and here we are sharing the working of the software.

  • First, download and install your system’s Shoviv Outlook Password recovery tool.
  • After that, open the tool and click the Add icon to add the PST file you want to recover.
  • Users can add multiple PST files on the next Window for the PST password recovery process.
  • Now you can see three options on the next page, i.e., Recover, Remove, and Set password.
  • We have to recover the password, so tap on the Recover option.
  • Once you have clicked on the recover option, a successful recovery message will pop up on your screen.
  • After that, hit the Ok button, and on the next page, there will be three passwords for each PST file.
  • Users have to choose any of the files and then put the password of their choice.
  • After that, users can also save the report for future use in HTML format.
  • Now to remove the password for the PST files, hit the Remove password option.
  • After that, the process will begin, and after completing the task, a message will appear on your screen of successfully removing the password.
  • Click on the Ok tab, and then you will receive a report of the entire task.
  • Now to change the password, tap on the set new password option.
  • On the new page, please enter the password, confirm it, and hit the Ok button.
  • Finally, the confirmation message for successfully changing the PST password will pop up on your screen; click the Ok option.
  • Lastly, a full task report will appear before you download it. Click on the save report option.


Benefits of Shoviv Outlook Password Recovery Tool

Now that user are looking for various tools on the internet and are coming across numerous software. They might be searching for a reliable tool to complete the task without damaging the data, as it holds crucial information. For the businessperson, opting for the perfect tool for the PST password recovery process is a very challenging task. 

This utility is one of the trusted tools that anyone can rely on. It is available worldwide; users can try this tool anytime. Due to its user’s friendly interface, it makes the procedure very easy to handle. Users can go through the benefits of the software.

  • Users can add various PST files for password recovery, as there is no size limitation.
  • The software easily removes, recovers, and sets the PST file password.
  • It can also solve the password issue with the oversized PST file.
  • Even if the PST file is considered under ANSI or Unicode mode, the procedure for unlocking PST files is simple.
  • After solving the issue with the PST file, the password will be displayed to take a step forward.
  • Whether the PST file is multilingual or lengthy, the software solves the issue without limitation.
  • The tool synch with all the versions of the Window operating system.
  • The software can crack the password issue with all the older to earlier versions of Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016.
  • After the PST password recovery process, the tool will generate a live task report.

Wrapping up

By wrapping up the content, we suggest users opt for the mentioned tool for the PST password recovery process. The software has various features we have shared with the users, so look at it once. The tool will guide the users until the end of the task so that users do not face any issues during the procedure. If users are still unsatisfied, they can also check out the free trial version of the software. The users can go through the efficiency and quality of the tool, and its working.

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