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How to Convert OST to PST

OST file is associated with an Outlook account and saves its items such as emails, notes, journals, etc. However, many times, due to a connection with Exchange Server or any other reason, the user cannot make changes in the OST file. So to access data at those times, one of the better solutions is to convert OST to PST file. However, there are different reasons which laid users to do the conversion.

We have come up with an article to help all users who are looking for a better and more reliable way for conversion. Towards the end, we will also suggest one software that will make work easier for users in the conversion. 

Is the OST to PST conversion solving any problem?

Yes, absolutely there are many situations where users need to look for the conversion of the OST file. Here we have listed such reasons which you can find them below:-

  • In situations when there is a need to share data with others because, for any reason will not be possible with the OST. So many users look to convert OST to PST to make it possible to share Outlook data.
  • When Exchange Server is not available because of any reason user will be unable to retrieve the Outlook data.
  • Users often change their system, but users cannot move an OST file from one system to another.
  • To create a backup of Outlook, the user mostly looks to make the conversion of OST files into PST.

Along with it, multiple reasons are responsible, which led users to make the conversion. So now we will be heading towards the solution to make the effective conversion. 

A solution to move data from OST file into PST

There are several approaches through which users can accomplish what they require. Microsoft Outlook also provides a way through which users can convert OST to PST, which we have explained below:

Utilize Outlook Import/Export Option 

Ensure that your Outlook account is configured through the Exchange Server and that you have opened the profile of which you want the data into a PST file. After accomplishing the pre-requisites follow the step shared below:

  • Open the Outlook profile and select the file tab from its menu.
  • A drop-down menu will open where select Open & Export and then Import/Export.
  • Now, a new wizard will pop up on your screen. Kindly choose the Export to a file option and click on Next.
  • Select a folder & sub-folder which you want to a PST file.
  • Using browse, select a location to save the output PST file.
  • Process for converting will start, and the time it will take to complete the process will now depend on the data.

However, this conversion approach will possess some threat to the process on many occasions. Also, there are no guarantees that it will complete the conversion with complete data. 

A Better Solution for OST to PST Conversion

We have seen how users can convert OST to PST, and due to the multiple challenges in terms of data security, and effectiveness, the need for an alternative arises. Choosing a third-party tool can fulfill the requirement of most users. 

Shoviv OST to PST Converter is a perfect example of making an effective conversion without too many technical competencies. The software offers an easy-to-use UI where using its functionalities is a cup of tea for all. In addition, the tool supports the conversion of multiple OST files concurrently. 

There are so many advanced options available with this tool. One of them is the data filter option, where the user can also choose to process the data in a specific time frame. Also, users can opt for the incremental export option, which is important if they need the conversion without duplicates. Due to this, when the user resumes the interrupted conversion, the utility will move further while taking only the new items.

Users can download the software’s free version to know more details about the efficiency and competencies of the software.


Conversion of OST files into PST is required in multiple cases, as we have talked about in this article. One of the important aspects while making the process to convert OST to PST is safeguarding data. So, we have some solutions that users can look at them. To ensure everything works perfectly, users can install the free demo version of the converter tool. 

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