Amazon River Cruise

Expert Tips To Plan Your Amazon Cruise

Running all along from French Guiana to Peru in the heart of Brazil’s rain forest, Amazon River is one of the most breathtaking attractions gifted by nature. For the volume of water it discharges and the myriad number of its tributaries, Amazon River bags the credit of being the largest river of the world. Amazon River Cruise is one of the most exciting expeditions one must never miss if exploring the best of nature is on your agenda. Finally when you contemplate on one, here are a few expert tips to plan your Amazon River Cruise.

When to plan your cruise?
A cruise passenger can choose sailing the Amazon River either in Peru or Brazil. With regard to the touring season, there are two options namely visiting during the wet season between December and April and touring during the dry season between May and November. There are both pros and cons to either of these approaches and you must know many things about both these options to be able to take an informed decision.

You must know that even the dry season will not feel dry on the Amazon River. Rain forests gate their rains during any part of the year. Nevertheless, during the dry season, the rainfall and the water level in the river will be considerably lower. During this season, more jungle paths will be accessible. If interacting closely with the inhabitants of these jungles is your option, the dry season is the right time for the Amazon River Cruise. During the dry season, you will be able to explore the region ashore on foot without much trouble from mosquitos. Around this time, the temperature will be around 12 degrees hotter.

If floating is your preference, the best option is the wet season when the water levels will be around 21 to 23 feet higher. This will be the most favorable chance to explore some of the tributaries of Amazon. During this season, you can spot richer wild life as the high waters can provide access to the forest canopy. The plants will be in their full bloom around this time and so you will find a lot of birds and monkeys come closer to the edge of the river to feast on the produce on the trees. One of the biggest downsides to touring Amazon during the wet season is the mosquitoes menace.

Amazon River Cruise Options to consider

Peru Amazon Cruise
Peru Amazon cruises begin from Iquitos and take you deeper into jungle where the expansive natural reserve houses indigenous communities. This option provides you access to exploring the wild life in the water and under the canopy. You will move through the Pacaya-Samiria Reserve, Yarapa, Malayali, Samiria, Yanayacu, and Pucate Rivers to make the most of the pristine beauty of the unspoiled forest. The top highlights of the fauna in these regions are pink river dolphins, monkeys, macaws, and sloths.

Brazil Amazon Cruise
Brazil Amazon cruises begin in the Manaus city and explore some regions unfrequented by humans. The startling adventure along the Rio Negro is a rare chance to explore the river’s tributaries and tour the areas where every turn of the trail and bend in the river reveals abundant wildlife of the jungle. The stunning views you get to enjoy of the jungle and myriad wild life will feel incredible.

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