Evening Desert Safari With BBQ

Evening desert safari with BBQ is one of the best-recommended trips to Dubai that offers a perfect blend of exciting sand dune experience with relaxing BBQ dinner under the stars. The trip starts with a heart-thumping drive in a 4×4 car making its way up and down the wavy sand dunes of the desert. Then, the safari stops at a luxurious campsite where you can relax and enjoy the beauty of the starry night. Depending on the package you choose, the activities may vary but they usually include a delectable spread of barbecued food with both veg and non-veg options. Some even have live entertainment like Tanoura shows and belly dance performances.

The evening desert safari usually begins with a pickup from your hotel or private residence. It is followed by a heart-thumping drive in your rented 4×4 car across the soft orange-red toned sand dunes of the Arabian deserts. Then you move to the campsite which is usually a traditional Bedouin camp. At the campsite, you can get dressed in traditional Arab outfits called Kandora & Qandora for men and women respectively. Then you can participate in various desert activities that are a reflection of the true Bedouin culture. You can try your hands at camel riding, get henna hand painting done, smoke flavorful shisha and watch tanoura & belly dancing performances.

After that, you can indulge in fun sand dune activities like quad biking and sand boarding. You can also go for the dune bashing session which is a thrilling activity that lets you drive your car over the high and low sand dunes at great speed. Then, you can take some amazing pictures if you are an avid photographer or simply relax and soak up the ambiance of the desert.

Once you are done with all the desert activities, you can head back to the campsite and enjoy a range of live performances. You can watch tanoura shows and belly dance performances and relax gazing at the beautiful star-laden sky. Some packages may also have the option of watching an amazing Falcon show or a fire show as well.

Moreover, the campsite has an in-house bar that is fully equipped to serve all famous alcoholic beverages. During the holy month of Ramadan, however, the alcoholic drinks are not served at the campsite bar but you can still enjoy a variety of other non-alcoholic beverages and a delicious barbecued dinner.

The prices for an Evening desert safari with BBQ can vary based on the package you select. You can check the details of your chosen package from the website or contact the tour operator directly to make a reservation. Some companies even offer discounts on their bookings if you book them early. So, don’t wait any longer and reserve your seat today!

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