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Cricut Explore Set Up on Your Device [Comprehensive Guide]

Are you planning to buy a Cricut Explore machine? Whether you’re new at crafting or an old player, Cricut Explore set up can be intimidating. As per the latest usage of this innovative machine, it’s not confined to cutting images or papers; instead, it covers a wide range of things that helps you shape your desired image into reality. If you’re fond of DIYs and crafting, you’ll love the Cricut Explore.

If you don’t want to spend hours setting up a brand-new Cricut Explore, we’re here to help you with our comprehensive guide.

What is a Cricut Explore?

If we define the Cricut Explore, the simplest way to understand it is that it’s an electronic cutting machine that looks similar to a printer. It has sharp blades and rollers that help you cut anything you desire, such as decals for shirts, paper crafts, vinyl labels, and many more.

In comparison with Cricut machines, the Cricut Explore set up has many differences. Additionally, you can access Cricut Access and get their vast library of cut files. You also get the benefits of uploading and cutting your files here. Moreover, It also provides you with software that can be used on your computer and tablet, offline or online. It allows you to cut 100 different materials.

In simpler terms, you design something, and now you want to cut the Cricut software, place it on the cutting mat, and you are done!

What Comes With the Cricut Explore Box?

With the Cricut Explore box, you get everything that helps you to set up and test your machines.

  • Cricut Maker 3 machine
  • Blade Housing (pre-installed in the B clamp) +Premium Fine-Point Blade
  • Accessory Adapter (pre-installed in the A clamp)
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty document
  • Power adapter and power cord
  • Bonus materials
  • USB cable
  • Safety document
  • Material for a test cut

How to Set up Cricut Explore?

Setting up the Cricut Explore may seem complex, but with our guide, we strive to provide you with the easiest way. Let’s dive into this incredible guide to do it in the right way.

Step 1: Opening

All these tools come with a few accessories and tools with it. When you open the box, at first, you’ll see the folded mat over the top of the machine. Along with that, you’ll find instruction packets, powder cords, black pens, and your machine. Take all the things out of the box and take the dust jacket as well and remove all the tape from the machine.

Now the time comes to open the machine. If you have Cricut Explore, then look for the button on the left side that says open, and both doors of the device will open automatically. After opening, remove all foam pieces from it. Now open the envelope. These envelopes keep your instruction manual registration card and materials for the test. Cricut provides you with the material for the first test so that you can easily set up your new Explore.

Step 2: Turning on Your Cricut Explore

Let’s start our next step by opening the power codes that come into your box to plug into the wall and plugging other things with it. Now you have to take the end of the chain that you’ve created and plug it into the back of your machine.

Now the exciting part comes here. Open your computer or laptop and go to Here you’ll see pages that mention the Design Space for your computer. Go for the download options, follow all the instructions, and download the software. Cricut Design Space provides a place where you create the design and cut it with your Cricut machine.

Step 3: Test Your Cutting Machine

Now the final step is to come up with the test of your Cricut Explore set up. Let’s go! Here you’ll see an image that says you choose one option from six. You can choose any of them. Cricut Explore has a dial to choose the material. Now the screen asks me to select cardstock. When you’re done with the all-material selection, follow the instructions of the machine you’re using. When asked to prepare for the cut, you must put the material on the mat.


Now you have the Design Space for your creativity. You can make anything you want to make. As your new machine gives you a free trial of Cricut Access, our recommendation will go with the pre-made project, which makes you comfortable designing custom projects. We hope this article has provided a clear picture of the Cricut Explore set up smoother your experience with the machines.


What is the size of the Cricut Explore machine?

Generally, the Cricut machines have the size:

  • Length 56.31 cm (22.17 in)
  • Height 15.01 cm (5.91 in)
  • Width 17.80 cm (7.01 in)
  • Weight 4.98 kg (10.98 lbs)

What are the things included in Cricut Explore?

Several things come with the Cricut box :

  • Cricut Explore Air machine.
  • Power Cord.
  • USB Cord.
  • Blade Housing (pre-installed in the B clamp) +Premium Fine-Point Blade
  • Pen and accessory adapter (pre-installed in the A clamp) and Pen
  • LightGrip cutting mat or 12 x 12 StandardGrip.
  • Materials for a test cut.

Does the Explore machine provide a writing and scoring facility?

Yes, Cricut Explore does provide a writing and scoring facility. With its versatile abilities, the Explore machine allows you to not only cut a variety of materials but also write and score them, adding beautiful designs and precise scoring lines to your DIY craft projects.

Visit: Design Space Login

Cricut Design Space

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