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Best Cricut Cutter Ideas 2023 [Features & Comparison]

Every newbie must get introduced to some of the basic Cricut cutter ideas, which will help them in making the final choice about which cutting machine is best for them. Everyone is well aware that there are multiple versions of craft plotters, and each one of them has their own features and specifications. 


On the grounds of the project, the crafter needs to decide which Cricut is going to give them the respective result. What’s important while selecting the cutter is that you must’ve licensed Design Space app/software on your devices. The Cricut app allows users to create the project by using the library, providing different kinds of images, fonts, and pre-prepared projects.


Besides, you must also know what exactly Cricut is, its characteristics, how to use it, and the types of projects that can be created from it. Other than that, you must also have information about which cutting machine supplies and accessories are needed during the cutting process. By reading this blog, all your concepts about the cut-die machine models will get clear.

1.  Cricut Explore Series

Considering flexibility as a foremost point, the Cricut Explore series cutting machine makes the DIY work much simpler, quicker, and more fun. The Explore series includes Cricut Explore Air 2 and Cricut Explore 3. Every electric cutting machine has its own features making it famous among the DIYers.



The real Cricut cutter idea that is the dream machine of every DIYer is Explore Air 2. It can cut more than 100+ materials folding every material, such as cardstock, vinyl, to glitter paper. All these materials are cut down precisely and without damaging the project during the process.


Following this, Cricut Explore 3 is the updated & modern version of the Explore family. In addition, one of the characteristics that make this version special from its ancestors is that it supports all the Smart Materials. One of the best papers about these materials is that it swiftly gets loaded into the machine (without the mat). Besides, these materials stay in place without any adjustment. 

2.  Cricut Maker Series

As compared to the Cricut Explore family, the Cricut Maker, along with Maker 3, comes with more tools, accessories and materials as compared to the Explore family. Both versions cut at least 300+ types of materials (more than any other cutting machine). With its variety of tools, these Cricut cutter ideas can cut down a variety of materials within a few minutes. 



In addition, Maker 3 can cut single images up to 12 ft (3.6 m) in the absence of the cutting mat on Smart Materials. Moreover, the sensors installed inside the machine measure the material to ensure whether you’ve inserted enough material for the project or not. If more materials have to be loaded, then the Cricut software will inform you.


On the contrary, Maker & Maker 3 is an ideal choice for creating 3D projects for school/ home decor. The possibility of designing something creative doesn’t stop here for this Cricut series. In case you love to sew or want to learn, the Maker series might be the right decision to be taken. Quilters also like to work with this craft plotter as it cuts quilt pieces with complete focus. 

3.  Cricut Joy

After sharing so much information about Explore & Maker series, here we’ve talked about the cutters’ most compact machine, i.e., Cricut Joy. This cute, portable and light-weighted smart cutting machine allows you to personalize, organize and create the crafts within one go. 



The blade inside it allows the user to make exact and clear-cut from a variety of well-known stuff such as cardstock, vinyl decal, and many more. Moreover, it also supports Smart Materials by making 20 ft long cuts. Apart from that, the machine not only cuts but also writes in just 15 minutes. 


In addition to that, these Cricut cutter ideas can create customized projects and transfer them for cutting with the Design Space app. You can easily operate the app/software by downloading it on your PCs & mobile devices. Due to its small size, you can carry it along with you by putting it inside the Tote bag. 


After learning so much about the most considerable electric cutting machine, all your issues about which Cricut should be added to the craft room must have been solved. As shared earlier, every model has its own feature as well as the capability to complete the assigned task. 


As a result of this post, there is no doubt in stating that clearing issues about Cricut cutter ideas support the user in coming across which smart cutting machine is going to be an option for you. Apart from that, you need to learn about how to set up the machine with respective devices before commencing the cutting process. Further, if you have any questions jumbling inside your mind, then read the FAQs explained below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is Cricut Worth the Money?

Answer: With the ability to cut and shape the project in its exact form, then spending money to buy Cricut is worth it. You’ll get multiple options to choose any machine among its various ranges depending upon the price & features. Along with the machine, the user gets a machine bundle filled with different supplies that helps the user in creating the project. Moreover, it also comes with a free companion design app, i.e., Design Space. 

Question: What Are the Items Needed to Start the First Project?

Answer: Before starting any new Cricut project, it’s essential for every user to have a proper bundle of tools. Without those materials, the user won’t be able to start their project. The box will be provided to them after placing an order which will consist of the following items:


  • Electric cutting machine. 
  • Basic Tool Set. 
  • Basic Kit. 
  • Blade Set. 
  • Mats. 
  • Pen Set. 
  • Design Space account. 
  • USB cable. 
  • Power cord. 
  • Welcome Guide. 
  • Materials for a test cut. 

Question: What is Cricut Design Space? 

Answer: Along with the smart cutting machine, the users have to install Design Space app/software on their separate devices. This Cricut software is free of cost and can be learned easily. Apart from that, it allows the DIYer to design the project on its Canvas with the help of the free collection offering images, text, and templates. Following this, you also benefit from various Cricut Access plans.



Source: Best Cricut Cutter Ideas 2023

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