An Introduction to VIPA 972-0DP20 Profibus Connectors

An Introduction to VIPA 972-0DP20 Profibus Connector

The VIPA 972-0DP20 is a type of Profibus connector produced by VIPA GmbH, a company that specialises in industrial automation systems. Profibus is a well-liked fieldbus communication protocol in industrial automation systems that permits data exchange between devices including programmable logic controllers (PLCs), sensors, and actuators.

The VIPA 972-0DP20 Profibus connector was developed to make it simpler for Profibus devices to connect to a Profibus network. It provides a reliable and secure connection between the field devices and the network, ensuring efficient data transmission and communication.

Here are some of the VIPA 972-0DP20 Profibus connector’s main features and characteristics:

1. Connector Type:

There are nine pins on the male VIPA 972-0DP20 Profibus connector. It is used to establish connections between Profibus devices and the Profibus network. The connector has a hard shell designed to withstand demanding industrial environments. It has screw and spring connections for secure cable termination. The connector is protected against solid objects but not liquids according to its IP20 grade. It is compatible with a number of Profibus devices and complies with the Profibus DP communication standard.

2. Housing:

The connector has a tough and resilient housing that is usually constructed of metal or excellent engineered plastic. With this design, a construction’s resistance to challenging industrial conditions including temperature changes, vibrations, and electromagnetic interference is guaranteed.

3. Termination:

For the termination of Profibus cables, the VIPA 972-0DP20 Profibus connection provides both screw and spring terminals. These terminals offer dependable and safe connections between the wires and connectors. To ensure a secure and sturdy connection, the screws on the screw terminals must be tightened using a screwdriver. On the other side, the spring terminals provide tool-free termination, speeding up and improving the convenience of installation and maintenance chores. Both varieties of terminals make sure that the Profibus connector and the wires are securely connected, reducing the possibility of unintentional disconnections.

4. FastConnect System:

VIPA created the FastConnect system as a technology for their Profibus connectors. Using pre-assembled cable assemblies with integrated connections, Profibus cables can be terminated quickly and without the use of tools. This method shortens the time needed for wiring and commissioning and streamlines the installation procedure. The VIPA 972-0DP20 Profibus connector include user-friendly termination procedures or VIPA-specific technologies.

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5. IP Rating:

A classification of IP20 or above is frequently used while designing the VIPA 972-0DP20 Profibus connector. This certification certifies that the connector is suitable for use in industrial control panels and enclosures and describes the level of protection against solid objects and unintentional contact.

A connector with an IP20 rating is shielded from solid items larger than 12.5mm in diameter, like fingers or large tools. However, it does not offer defence against liquid intrusion. Since there is no direct exposure to moisture or dust, the VIPA 972-0DP20 Profibus connector is appropriate for use in control panels and enclosures.

It’s vital to remember that the VIPA 972-0DP20 Profibus connector’s specific IP rating may differ based on the manufacturer or model. For the particular IP rating of the connector you are using, it is advised that you refer to the product datasheet or the manufacturer’s documentation.

6. Compatibility:

The VIPA 972-0DP20 Profibus connector adheres to the Profibus DP (Decentralised Peripherals) communication standard and is made to work with a variety of Profibus devices. It can be used to connect to a variety of Profibus devices, such as PLCs, remote I/O modules, motor drives, sensors, actuators, and other automation parts.

The connector enables interoperability with other Profibus devices that follow the same standard because it complies with the Profibus DP standard. As a result, devices in a Profibus network can communicate and integrate seamlessly.

It’s important to note that even while the VIPA 972-0DP20 Profibus connection supports Profibus devices, you must first confirm that the other devices you want to connect are also Profibus-compatible and follow the same communication protocol. As a result, all parts of the Profibus network are compatible and in proper communication.

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