72V golf cart battery

A Comparative Study Between the 72V Golf Cart Battery and Lead-Acid Battery

In the world of golf cart batteries, there is always a debate about which one is better: lithium golf cart batteries or lead-acid batteries. Well, we are here to present a comparative study, so that you understand better.

However, the use of battery depends on the requirements of your car too and your choice. You can go for a 72V golf cart battery for its high performance, but then again you can go for a lead-acid battery for its affordability.

A Comparative Study Based On Some Common Notions.

  • Considering the lifespan of the battery.

The one question that you should ask before purchasing is how long the battery will last. According to a simple statistical analysis, it has been seen that lead-acid batteries can last for around 300-500 charge cycles, while lithium batteries can have ten times the lifespan of lead-acid batteries. Therefore, if you consider the price of lithium battery, which is quite high, it will look like an investment.

  • Considering the design

Won’t you love to drive around in a cart that weighs light? Well, the weight of a battery can chip in, and make the cart feel heavy at times. So, if weight is the problem, we would say go for lithium batteries. This will even make it easier to drive your cart uphill or on challenging terrain. Lithium golf cart batteries weigh half the weight of any lead-acid battery, which is one of the primary advantages.

  • Considering the charging ability.

During the rounds of golf, you really cannot wait for the cart to charge. If the charge takes time, then you can be put out of the game. But if that is something that you don’t want, then make sure you always go for a lithium battery. There are different types of lithium batteries available in the market, with 36V, 48V and 72V. The more the voltage the better the charging ability.

  • Considering the performance of the battery.

One of the primary advantages of having a lithium battery is your cart does not get drained out of performance. Even after years of use, you can expect your cart to run smoothly. With lead-acid you can even expect spills, and the degradation of performance, but with lithium batteries, not a chance.

Ending Words!

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